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In Days Gone, for Deacon, the motorcycle is the main means to transport and due to this, the vehicle has a very relevant role in the open world of the game. Given the importance of the motorcycle, in this article we present the types of updates that can apply and how to equip such updates or improvements.

Days Gone: Bike Upgrades

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    Mechanics at Days Gone: How to Improve Performance on Deacon's Motorcycle

    Although the protagonist Deacon has very good skills as a motorcyclist, these can be increased if the necessary improvements are made to his motorcycle. In this sense, because when you start Days Gone you get the motorcycle, you also have access to a mechanic, since these are the ones who can improve the vehicle as well as the ability to repair and recharge the motorcycle. The mechanics can be located in the camps.

    Improvements for Deacon's motorcycle in Days Gone

    At Days Gone, mechanics have the ability to improve aspects on Deacon's motorcycle. Among these aspects are:
    - Performance: engine, exhaust, storage, fuel tank, frame, nitrous, tires.
    - Visual: headlight, wheels, exhaust tip, front fender, cover.
    - Painting: accent paint, frame painting, decals.
    - Refuel: recharge your bicycle.
    - Repair: repair your motorcycle if it is damaged.

    Improves the performance of Deacon motorcycle

    If what you want is to improve Deacon's motorcycle, then you should concentrate on its aspect for Performance. To achieve this, there are several points that can be improved, which are shown in the following list:
    - Motor: allows you to increase the maximum speed that the motorcycle has.
    - Escape: determines the distance range in which the enemies can hear the motorcycle.
    - Storage: allows to improve the capacity to load more ammunition spare parts in the motorcycle.
    - Fuel tank: permote increase the maximum fuel capacity of the motorcycle.
    - Frame: this point contributes to the overall health of the motorcycle.
    - Nitroso: this improvement allows the motorcycle to go faster by getting a brief boost of speed.
    - Tires: this aspect determines the traction that the motorcycle possesses.

    These improvements can be made each time you've enough credits in the camp, the amount needed to make an improvement you want.

    Other improvements for Deacon motorcycle

    As mentioned at the beginning, there are several aspects that can be improved on the motorcycle. Thus, in addition to the Performance, other characteristics can also be improved on the motorcycle, such as its visual part.

    While in the Mechanical menu, go to the Visual tab / menu. This will have several options that can be updated or improved on the motorcycle, such as: headlights, paint, among others.
    You can also get stickers, paint for frames, front fender, wheels and many other things. The only thing you have to do is to unlock each option to have access to them and once that is the case, you can select it, if you've the credits to acquire them.

    Secure enough credits to make improvements to Deacon's motorcycle

    As you could notice, to make the improvements in the motorcycle, it is necessary that you've the credits that cost the specific improvement you want to make, in the camp. This is why you're advised to make sure you get a good amount of credit in the specific camps to access the improvements that are offered. The more credits you have, the better.

    Now go to improve Deacon's motorcycle so you don't stop moving in the open world of Days Gone, but remember to focus on the performance.

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