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Today we will be covering everything you need to know about how to fix PC analog sticks not working in Days Gone.

What is the problem with PC analog sticks in Days Gone?

This is a problem associated with the malfunction of the Analog Stick, which stops working, which appears to be a problem in the analog sticks of the controller. Whatever it is, here we will tell you how to fix non-working PC analog sticks.

How to fix PC analog sticks not working in Days Gone?

For the first solution you will have to go to the Steam application> go to Settings> controller settings> General controller settings> choose the type of game controller> turn off all the boxes in the next window that appears, which should correct the trouble.
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    But if not, you will have to go to the website> select Download for 64-bit games> take the application file x360ce_x64.exe to the game folder where you will have to select Create> extract the .zip folder to the game's C-Drive location> then connect the controller with the USB cable> click the Create button and then click Next> Finish.

    Then you will have to go to the Game Settings> select Apply / Synchronize settings> OK> access Controller 1> click Save, which should correct the problem.

    The last method is to download DS4Windows from the browser> so download and install in the default location> after installing you will have to connect the Dual Shock 4 via Bluetooth or USB cable> press and hold the PS button on the controller to start the DS4 application > go to Action Center> click on Bluetooth> select Wireless Controller, and you're done.

    Now that we've come to the end of this guide on how to fix PC analog sticks not working in Days Gone, you have not just one, but three solutions that you can try until you find the right one to correct this problem.

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