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Days Gone Guide: Increase Inventory Limit

2019-05-15 18:37:25

In a world where chaos reigns like that of Days Gone, in which survival is the most important thing, the materials you can use to produce items with which to maintain your health or the ones you implement to repair your motorcycle and weapons are very Relevant Because of this, it's vital to manage these articles very well.

However, starting the game doesn't have much capacity to carry large quantities in inventory. For that reason, in this article of xboxplay.games we will tell you how the limit of inventories increases.

Days Gone How Upgrade Your Inventory Space!!! More Ammo, Traps and Throwables

How to increase the inventory limit in Days Gone

You should know that there aren't many things that can be done to increase the inventory capacity. However, you can increase these limits by acquiring the skills "Carry That Weight" and "Up The Ante"

The Up The Ante ability will allow you to increase the ammunition capacity to carry for all weapons.

As for the ability Carry That Weight, you increase the amount of materials you can load for processing, traps and scrap.

Both skills increase inventory limits to double, for both materials and ammunition.

You should know that these skills are the only ways to increase these inventory limits. In addition, you should consider that they are skills belonging to a high level. This means that, to acquire them, you need to earn many points in your skill tree, both in Survival and Rank, so that they are only available for purchase.

And this is all you need to know to increase the limies for storage with regard to materials and ammunition. Now go to increase your points and get these skills, which are quite necessary.

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