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Discover how to take the Drugs Stash to Copeland or Tucker in Days Gone.

In Days Gone there is the Drugs Stash, this leads to Tucker or Copeland. You decide which of the parties to deliver the drug stash, the rewards and consequences that you will have will depend on the decision you make.

When you reach the Tuckers area, the safe area, look at the back of your bike. The small box must remain attached to the back of the bike. When it approaches you, you will be given the option to decide where to deliver the drug stash.

Take the Drug Stash To Tucker

You can leave it at Hot Springs and hand it to Tucker, the boy at the gun shop. Once you've delivered it, you'll receive 2000 XP and 5000 Trust with Hot Springs.

Take the Drug Stash to Copeland

If you decide to take this option, you must drive back, or travel quickly. Talk to Mark Copeland and give him the package. If you complete the mission successfully you'll earn 2000 XP, 5000 Trust.

We remind you that you can enjoy Days Gone on PS4.

Days Gone Bring Drugs Stash To Tucker Or Copeland

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