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Today we bring you a Days Gone guide with the purpose of guiding you on How to fix Crash at startup.

What to know about Days Gone?

It is one of the most anticipated games that comes from the PlayStation for the PC, despite not being presenting many bugs there is a problem when wanting to start it in some cases, which makes us want to know How to fix the Crash a at startup and for this we see the following content.

How to fix crash at boot on Days Gone?

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    It is important to have the system requirements to be able to play this game, because when we are in Windows 10 it becomes blocked, noting that it can also work in other older operating systems, so what we will do is launch the game in a clean boot environment, because it may be that there are other programs causing interference because they consume a lot of resources, so for this we must consider the following.


    •  We press Windows R to write msconfig and we give it enter looking for the service tab.
    • Microsoft services hide it and we give you to deactivate everything
    • We will go to the start tab to open the task manager, which allows you to disable them one by one after restarting the system.


     In case of not having found the solution, what we will do is the following:


    •  Graphics card driver update
    • Disable Steam Overlay and GeForce Experience Overlay
    • General file integrity verification
    • That the launcher and the game have administrative privileges
    • The game must be on the antivirus whitelist
    • In case of continuing to go through the same thing, download the game settings and play in Windowed mode

     Clearly knowing How to Fix Boot Crash can help us get back to the fun that Days Gone has to offer.

    PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows PC
    Action-adventure, survival horror
    SIE Bend Studio
    age rating (PEGI):

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