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Daymare 1998 Aegis: How to solve power puzzle - tips and tricks

2019-09-18 11:52:01

We hope you are prepared because in this guide we will tell you how to solve power puzzle in Daymare 1998 Aegis.

What is Daymare 1998 Aegis?

This is the third-person survival horror video game, developed by Invader Studios and inspired by Resident Evil 2. Although remakes of this type are not so popular among the community, it must be borne in mind that Daymare brings them and the game itself catches our attention and if you consider yourself a Resident Evil 2 fan you should try it.

There are many things to do in the game, moment of terror to live, puzzle to solve and more. Precisely speaking of puzzles, we have prepared this guide so you know how to solve power puzzle of the power switch.

How to solve power puzzle in Daymare 1998 Aegis?

When you get to the part of this puzzle, you will find the apprentice in the swivel chair and the power status screen in the computer terminal will give you some details on how to solve power puzzle, there are not many and they are not very useful to say the least, but you can Take them into account, too.

To go to the other part of the level you will have to press the red switches and put them in blue, all those that are in the Laboratory area of ​​the underwater area, server room, Control room, Loading area, Reception room and Room security.

By placing all switches in blue you will get Access to the Helipad, Discont. While the lights in some areas remain red. You will have to make the white dots in the middle illuminate from top to bottom, here what you have to do is press "D" to move away from the power lights to the switch, and press "F" to press the switch and reset the Energy.

Not all consoles work in the same way so you will have to take this step into account in order to move forward.

Once the energy is restored, a zombie will attack you on the left, so shoot it out to finish.

Now that you know how to solve power puzzle, we hope that our guide will help you to know a little about the title and that it will be useful in Daymare 1998 Aegis.

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