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Dawn of Fear: How to Beat the First Boss - Tips and tricks

2020-02-11 07:32:53

Today we will have in the content of our guide Dawn of Fear where the explanation will focus on how to beat the first boss.

  With similarities to Resident Evil and Silent Hill we have Dawn of Fear, being of survival, it is in the PlayStation Store for the PS4, the fixed angles and the controls will bring us memories of the PS1 classics, in addition, of the monsters of greater impacts existing here also to face, our guide brings the necessary explanation so that we know how to beat the first boss and therefore pay attention to the following content.

What should we know about Dawn of Fear?

We will meet zombies and other kinds of enemies, we will also have enemies considered as bosses, being our first opponent of this type a giant beast which is composed of its body of bodies, has a great attack power, capable of damaging our character With ease, however, there is a way to deal with it, putting together a good strategy and with enough objects for this contest, keys to leave unharmed, but more details about it we will have below in this guide.

How to beat the first boss in Dawn of Fear?

The first boss, which we are going to find through the red corridor, in the east corner there are gun ammunition, on the stairs we will have a first aid kit, we have to go for both, load the gun to the maximum, then we will notice that a skeleton is sitting in a wheelchair, he is grabbing a shotgun, we will take it and go in the direction of the boss who is in the room, when we enter this awake, on the ground we will find ammunition for our shotgun and in the surroundings a circle , we have to take into account the distance between us and the boss, since we cannot move or shoot.

We have to make the boss put himself in position in front of the door, here we will shoot many times to cause him a stun, the gun being the ideal weapon for the speed of the shots, but in that case here any weapon will be effective, by doing that this stunned, we have to make an interaction with a machine that is located next to the door to bring a container, this will collide with the boss, which will cause damage, it is certainly seen that there are containers all over the place, but It is not enough to make sure that it is a precise blow, doing this about 3 times will be more than enough for us to defeat this boss, it is good to know that there will be worse than this but we have to finish it as quickly as our character can fall before this enemy .

The Dawn of Fear guide comes to an end, knowing with her now How to beat the first boss, so we can continue moving forward in this moved game.

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