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Dauntless: What Is The Danger Meter?

2019-06-05 16:06:56

The newly launched RPG for multi-platform experience, Dauntless, has a large number of systems for which it is necessary to learn to control and therefore dominate. As regards the systems by which it is possible to attack the great Behemoths as well as try to get new equipment they are quite intuitive and therefore are quite simple to master and understand, other elementary systems belonging to the hunt are available for be dominated on their own. The latter would prove to be very efficient if it were not for the fact that some hunts end up being quite strong, that is where the importance of knowing how to play the game in the most effective way possible lies.

Among the things that can be done to effectively master a battle, is to know how to control the Danger Meter. In this xboxplay.games guide, we will provide details regarding what is the Dauntless Danger Meter.

The Danger Meter/ Dauntless/ Mizojin

What is the Dauntless Danger meter?

From the visual part, the Danger Meter is an indicator that can be seen in the upper right part of the screen, geometrically it is a small triangular bit. In turn, this indicator has the peculiarity of allowing the reading of how dangerous a hunt has become, it can also affect the way in which the game of Dauntless can be played.

Interpretation of the Danger Meter in Dauntless

Since the Danger Meter indicates the changes in the hunt, when it reaches 100%, it is possible that many things happen, given that certain changes occur. Among the things that end up changing are the ones that it is not possible to revive the companions of your team without Stims. On the other hand, it also happens that the damage caused by the Behemoths ends up increasing to high levels. The result produced by both changes is that hunting becomes much more difficult.

On the other hand, there are several things that can increase or decrease the level of your meter, these are shown below:

How the Danger Meter goes up in Dauntless:

- The Danger Meter gradually increases with the passage of time.

- Since the Danger Meter increases over time, this increase ends up accelerating when you are fighting.

- Each time a Slayer falls, the level of the Danger Meter also increases.

- When a Slayer remains fallen, the Danger Meter proceeds to increase much more, so it is very important to raise it quickly.

How the Dauntless Danger Meter drops:

- When the Slayers that have fallen are revived, the Danger Meter can go down.

- Danger Meter can lower your level if you drive the Behemoth away from you.

This is the information you must manage to master the Danger Meter in Dauntless and with it you can have a better performance in the battle.

Remember to always come back here, xboxplay.games and keep using our other guides that we will be adding.

You can also leave comments with your experiences in the game, questions or any other details that you want to add with which to help the other players in the community.

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