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Dauntless: tips and Trick for slaying Behemoths

2019-06-03 16:32:50

As you immerse yourself in Dauntless you will realize that the missions will be guiding you through a large amount of what you need. If you want to know more tricks on how to Slay Behemoths, stay with us.

Dauntless Beginner Guide -  Tips for New Slayers

Where to find the ether in Dauntless?

Actually you find ether all over the place. That's right, the wisps of ether are the bright blue orbs that are scattered in the sand. These will take charge of charging your instant flashlight skill a bit, in addition to increasing your running speed.

As for the ether vents, they are the blue cracks in the sand floor. These are usually found near where a Behemoth is located.

Collect flowers, collect rocks and collect wisps of ether while you run in search of your quarry, because with these elements you will create reagents that you can turn into very useful potions in Ramsgate and use them in your favor.

You have used your combos

As you will know, Behemoths are creatures that have a lot of hit points, which you must drain to Slay them. Use the combos that you have at your disposal to cause extra damage. Each of the 6 types of weapons have their own movements, which you can see in your pause menu under the Movements tab on the far right.

Grindstone for orbs for upgrades

One of the things you'll have to do in Dauntless will be grinding

In Dauntless, it's almost inevitable that you run out of armor and weapons after killing a guy from Behemoth several times. However, the sacrifice is worth it, as each additional hunt will earn you experience and Mastery materials in assassins, specifically if you break parts of a Behemoth. By doing this you gain orbs of that type. The examples are shown below:

- Neutral Behemoths give you neutral orbs.
- The Behemoth Blaze give you Blaze orbs.

When obtaining the orbs you will have to take them to the armor or the weapons workshop, and use them to improve both your armor and your weapons to increase your defense and damage.

Having knowledge about what type of orbs you need will allow you to choose the right type of Behemoth that you will have to hunt. This will allow you to level up the corresponding gear. However, deciphering where the orbs come from will take time.

Dauntless's Daily Patrols

At level 8 Slayer, you must complete the mission "City on the edge" of Katerin Sorrel. By doing so you can unlock the daily Patrols that will make your job a lot easier. These fighters will serve you for a random Behemoth of your chosen element type. It should be noted that every day, you will earn a bonus for participating in Patrol Daily hunts: additional orbs of that type of element. Being one of the fastest and most efficient ways to improve your articles.

Build your weapons and armor match the types of Behemoth

Dauntless allows you to create multiple versions of different Behemoths within each type of weapon. That's right, each Behemoth falls into one of the five elementary categories, which are shown below:

1. Shock.
2. Blaze.
3. Frost.
4 .Terra.
5. Neutral.

This tells you the type of orbs that will fall. In addition you will be able to know the benefits that you will obtain with the armor and the weapons of that Behemoth. Examples:

- The Behemoth Blaze become weapons that inflict damage on the Blaze.
- Llos Behemoth in Frost become an armor that grants protection against Frost.

The elements are matched. Shock The Behemoths are weak against the damage of Terra, and vice versa. This also happens with the Blaze and Frost elements. Take advantage of this by equipping your best Frost damage weapon to hunt down a flaming Behemoth, use the best Terra armor against a Terra Behemoth.

Equip cells and advantages for bonuses.

Once you start finding Dire Behemoths in Dauntless, you should dress more strategically. For this you must know that the different pieces of armor have different advantages. This also applies to cells, which are benefit improvements that you gain by opening Slayer cores. Your weapons and armor have slots for these cells, making their advantages very powerful. Example:

- The benefit of the Nine Lives gives you the chance to halve the damage when they hit you.

And depending on the amount of elements you have with a certain benefit can also be more powerful.

Another element that will give you unique advantages that depend on the Behemoths with which they are built in Dauntless are the weapons. That's right, all of Shrike's weapons receive greater damage after a successful dodge. For your part, Koshai's weapons increase your next attack if you have not hit anything for a long period of time.

In addition, the combination of all the different benefits mentioned above can lead to some powerful constructions. This you will need against Dire Behemoths.

Do not try to relive yourself

Although Dauntless does not have a life counter, there is a Danger meter that increases when a player goes down and stays down. If you reach 100% danger, you will not be able to revive your allies. The only way to get up after falling is with a self-revive.

In Dauntless during each hunt, each Slayer possesses five healing vials and three revives. If you get to fall early do not go to crush that self-revitalization to return to the fight, just wait for an ally to pick you up. If all the players keep all their revitalizations up to 100% danger, there are 12 additional revives for the team.

Use grenades

In Dauntless one of the first missions is to deal damage with Barrage grenades. This will teach you how to add a little extra damage while hunting, although there are also healing grenades that Zai will give you to complete missions. As you complete the missions of Zai, you will gain new grenades. Add them to your team in Ramsgate and in the middle of the hunt, you can select them using the attack button in the aim mode to launch them and see the butcher shop. Add grenades to your equipment and throw them into Behemoth, this generates free damage from a safe distance.

The damage you cause during your Dauntless tour will be different depending on the type of grenade you use.

We remind you that Dauntless is available in Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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