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Dauntless: The Max Slayer Rank

2019-06-04 19:27:01

It is well known that Dauntless is a game in which you have a leveling system. This means that as the game progresses or progresses, access is gained to missions that turn out to be much more dangerous but the booty is also improving. The rank of Slayer is increased by defeating Behemoths found outside your village, and although you can play if you are careful, it is advisable to spend some time and with this make sure you are progressing. However, you should ask the question of what is the Max Slayer Rank in Dauntless? This guide will be dedicated to give some details to answer this question.

Max Slayer's rank in Dauntless

Every time you go playing in Dauntless you will be working in the Master System to raise the level for the Slayer rank. This range can be increased as you go hunting Behemoths that are hiding outside of your village and as you increase the range, you will also go up the meter for health and resistance.

Mastery is unique to each Behemoth as well as to the weapons you will use. In this sense it turns out to be beneficial to concentrate on a specific type of weapon. Another way to benefit is to make sure that you are at least competent with all available.

As far as the level or Max Slayer Rank currently is concerned, it has to be the 50th rank. However, it is believed that this could change. Among the ways to follow the progress of the level is:

  • Slayer level: Your current Slayer level
  • Behemoth Domain: Your current level of Behemoth Domain. This measure is able to determine the domain of all Behemoth, not just the one that is currently watching.
  • Reward preview: This is the reward that will be received once the next level of mastery is reached.
  • Complete Objectives: Completing objectives can raise the general level of Slayer, as well as the level of mastery that are related to the letter.
  • Progress / check box: when completing a goal, it will be marked as complete.
  • Progress / bar: the objectives that require several searches or steps, will have a progress bar next to them.
  • Progress / Accountant: one more way to measure your progress.

And that is the answer to what is the Max Slayer Rank in Dauntless currently and how to follow him.

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