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Dauntless: Requirements fo PC - Can I play Dauntless with My PC

2019-05-30 17:08:56

Since its official launch to multiplatform recently, Dauntless has increased its player population. Currently, there are many fans enjoying cooperative RPG online from PS4, Xbox One and PC even with a multiplatform experience. However, your case may be that of who wants to play Dauntless, but you have a PC or laptop and you do not know if the game is going to run well.

To make things easier, this guide shows the system requirements that are needed to access the Dauntless experience, meaning that it is possible to answer if you can play Dauntless on your PC or laptop or what you should improve to be able to play it. In this sense, the minimum and recommended requirements for the system are shown.

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Minimum system requirements for Dauntless

If as a fan of the RPG you are looking to join the fun and challenges that Dauntless brings with a PC or Laptop platform, you can do so as long as your device meets or exceeds the minimum requirements with which Dauntless can be executed. Below is a short list with the features that your system must meet, the information shown is courtesy of the Epic Games Store page:

- Operating system: Windows 7 DirectX 11 Support.
- DirectX: Version 11.
- Processor: Intel Core i5.
- Memory: 4 GB RAM.
- Graphics: Nvidia 660 Ti.
- Storage: At least 15 GB of free space.

Recommended system requirements for Dauntless

If your PC meets the minimum requirements, then you will be able to play Dauntless even though you probably will not be able to fully exploit the potential of the game. Because of this, in case you want to be able to get much more Dauntless power, then you will need the system to meet the recommended specifications shown below.

The information with the recommended requirements that your system must obtain, is also courtesy from the Epic Games Store page:

- Operating system: Windows 10.
- DirectX: Version 11.
- Processor: Intel Core i7.
- Memory: 8 GB of RAM.
- Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970.
- Storage: At least 15 GB of free space.


Although the ADM processors and graphics are not specifically presented as an unfortunate fact, the system must match the Intel and Nvidia families to have access to Dauntless.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that for any model of requirements that your PC fulfills, it is obviously necessary to have at your disposal an internet connection that is consistent to be able to play Dauntless, since it is an online game.

And this is the information that you generally need to consider to know if you can play Dauntless from your PC.

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