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Dauntless: How to Piercing or Blunt with your Weapons

2019-05-27 16:45:32

In Dauntless, when a giant is being hunted, it is necessary to have a weapon available. The benefit for the players is that in this Co-OP RPG created by Phoenix Labs, they are allowed to choose between five different types of weapons where each one possesses his specific ability. All this is important to keep in mind when choosing the weapon to use given that each one defines a different style of juice or fight. Because of all this, this guide shows a bit of information regarding the weapons the types of damage and the specific damage caused by each weapon, in Dauntless.

Dauntless Builds | Piercing Part-Breaker Repeater Build

Weapons in Dauntless

In Dauntless, players are allowed to choose from five different weapons, these are: Sword, Hammer, Chain Blades, Ax and War Peak. Each one presents a specific type of skill in terms of the damage it can do and this is also due to the fact that several types of damage occur in the game (mentioned below). In this sense, all these characteristics define the style of fight or game and therefore it is very good to know this information.

At the start, in Dauntless, players possess a sword. However, as soon as the tutorial is completed where the first giant is killed, shortly afterwards, access is granted to almost all the remaining weapons: hammer, the blade of the chain and the ax. For its part, the War Peak is obtained much later, when a certain number of fighters have been completed and Level 4 is reached in the Weapon Master title.

But it does not matter if the Pico de Guerra is not available, at the start in Dauntless bast with the first four weapons while the level is rising and the ideal style for hunting is discovered. Nonetheless, it is important to know certain concept in Dauntless weapons as are their types of damage and abilities.

Weapons according to your Dauntless Damage Type

In the RGP Dauntless, weapons can be categorized in three different ways depending on the damage they can perform. These damages are due to: slashing, blunt and piercing. At this point, it must surely seem that at the moment of killing a non-important giant, the Type of Damage does not turn out to be a very important factor.

It is also important to know that each weapon will have two main attacks: Regular and Heavy. Along with this they will also have specialized movements that can be implemented to get combo attacks.

In general, the weapons in Dauntless can almost be seen as a part of your character, this means that it is advisable to choose one to go forward and implement improvements successively. This is what defines the relevance in terms of knowing what each weapon can do and testing them to determine which can serve us more.

+ Sword: are categorized in Damage by slashing. His main attacks are the regular ones and the strong blows. The regular attacks allow to make fast movements while they increase the indicator for specialized elemental explosion, with which in turn it is able to release a magical projectile attack allowing hitting a giant that is in the distance. On the other hand, strong blows make it possible to generate greater damage in a single blow, although it may have some difficulty if the target moves a lot.

+ Hammer: are categorized in Damage by blunt. Although it may turn out to be the slowest weapon, its hits can be the strongest, allowing it to be quite effective. Also its strong attack is a cannon that it has in the axis.

+ Chain blades: are categorized in Damage by slashing. These are weapons for medium distances, being together with the barrel in the Hammer the remote weapons available in Dauntless. It has fast attacks, although they tend to generate less damage compared to other weapons. They are very effective for players who prefer a fighting style with mobility.

+ Ax: are categorized in Damage by slashing. Although currently in Dauntless can be somewhat tedious, the ax can allow attacks more fluid than with the hammer. This weapon gives you the opportunity to perform attacks horizontally or vertically. However, it has the disadvantage that some attacks need to be loaded before hitting the monster.

+ War Peak: are categorized as Damage by Piercing. This weapon can turn out to be quite versatile and efficient since it allows attacks at a certain distance besides being able to cut and perform perforations. As if that were not enough, their specialized attack are munitions with capacity for long range that can even break some parts in the giant.

Along with the qualities that each weapon possesses to perform damage, in Dauntless there are also other types of damage to be inflicted on the Behemoths at the time of the battle and it is very important to know.

Types of Damage to the Behemoths in Dauntless

On the other hand, leaving aside the three basic damages that generate the aforementioned weapons, in Dauntless there are also four types of damage that the giants can receive: basic, in parts, stepped, in injury.

+ The basic damage, is the general damage that can be generated to the monster every time it is hit. It is usually done thanks to the Cutting Damage and is indicated with Numbers cClor Verde.

+ Damage to Parts is literally the damage inflicted by detaching certain parts of the giant and is usually indicated by yellow numbers. A good example for Damage to Parts is when the tail is cut. Although it could be done with any weapon, it is very usual that the weapons that cause damage by slashing can be the most effective, but only to give the final blow that ends up detaching the specific part in the giant.

+ The Staggered Damage, is the type that is generated when the monster is managed to be stunned, to the point where it becomes staggered or knocked down, opening a temporary gap in which a set of damage can be inflicted without defending it. It is generally indicated with blue numbers. Also, this can be generated with any cutting weapon, however the most effective are the hammers.

+ Wound Damage is generated at the moment when the giant is hit and you can see a cut or small wound on the body after generating a cut. By specifically attacking these wounds, where the cut was made, you can inflict the aforementioned damage that is usually indicated by Red Numbers.

Knowing these damages is quite important to put together strategies when you are going to make the hunts and you have to face the monsters since you can do the job a little easier. In addition, it also facilitates the weapon to choose to determine the style of fight that fits more to the taste of the player since this is very important as it progresses because at higher levels it is necessary that each member in a group of hunters perform a specific work to defeat the giants.

Now go to use this information to become a slayer in Dauntlees but do not forget to share this article with your friends so that you can form a good group. Remember to always return here, xboxplay.games and leave comments with your expleriences in the game, questions or details that you want to add to help other players in the community.

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