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Dauntless: How to Get the Godhand Exotic War Pike

2019-06-07 21:24:17

To confront the giant monsters in Dauntless, it is essential to have access to very powerful armor and weapons with which to destroy these beasts. The Rezakiri teams are among the most powerful pieces that can be manufactured in Dauntless. Among the most powerful weapons type Rezakiri is the Godhand, which is an exotic War Peak. Since it is among the strongest weapons in the game, this xboxplay.games guide will be dedicated to giving details about this exotic Rezakiri type War Peak and how to get it.


Godhand the exotic Rezakiri War Peak in Dauntless

In Dauntless, Rezakiri armor and weapons are among the most powerful teams. When it comes to weapons, the exotic Rezakiri Godhand War Peak is one of the strongest weapons in the game, until now. Its power is such that it is possible to inflict continuous damage even up to 200%.

How to get the Exotic Rezakiri Godhand War Peak in Dauntless

Given the potential level of power that this exotic Rezakiri War Peak possesses, it is not expected unless you want to obtain this weapon and for this you need to know the reagents necessary to achieve this goal. In this sense, Rezakiri Reagents, as well as Special Reagents, should be obtained.

Common reagents to create the exotic Godhand War Peak

To create the exotic Godhand War Peak, it is necessary to get the Rezakiri Common Reagents. Below is a list of all the common Rezakiri Reagents that are indispensable to create the exotic Godhand Peak in Dauntless:

  • Rezakiri Chitin (kill)
  • Radiant Aethergem (breaking tail)
  • cracked biocrystal (broken head)
  • Neutral Furyplate (fracture leg x 2, furious giant)
  • Skullgem Neutral (broken head, giant neutral)
  • Luminescent chitin (killing)
  • Exoskeletal plate (break leg x 2)
  • Tail of elemental fury (breaking tail, furious giant)
  • Elemental Tailgem (breaking tail, elemental giant)
  • Fragment of cataclysm (kill)
  • Lustrous tail plate (break tail)
  • Furyplate elemental (broken leg x 2, furious elemental giant)
  • Neutral Tailgem (break tail, neutral giant)

Special Reagents to create the exotic Godhand War Peak

The exotic Godhand War Peak also needs special Arcstones. Specifically, you need dull Arcstones, Bright Arcstones and Peerless Arcstones, albeit in different quantities:

  • Quantity of dull Arcstones. 127 dull Arcstones are needed to completely improve the exotic Godhand War Peak. These can be achieved by hunting Behemoth level 8 - 12 or through the Hunting Patrols.
  • Bright Arcstones quantity. The Exotic Godhand War Peak needs 120 bright Arcstones. These can be achieved by hunting Behemoth level 13-16 or by the Hunting Patrols.
  • Quantity of Peerless Arcstones. 150 Peerless Arcstones are required for use in the exotic Godhand War Peak. These can be achieved by hunting Behemoth level 17 and above or by the Hunting Patrols.

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