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Dauntless: How to get The Godhand Exotic

2019-06-01 15:16:28

Have you heard about the Godhand Exotic in Dauntless?

The Godhand Exotic in Dauntless, is one of the few exotic weapons that you can find in the destroyed islands at this moment.

But getting the Godhand Exotic is not such a simple thing, so you'll have to be able to effortlessly find it, grind for a Blueprint of the Godhand Exotic among other things to find this exotic weapon in Dauntless.

But if we can say something about Dauntless's Godhand Exotic, it's power makes any effort in his quest worthwhile.

Godhand Exotic is a radiant element with a lot of power against behemoths in Dauntless, capable of channeling a beam that inflicts increasing damage over time up to 200% at the top of its initial damage.

Unfortunately not everything is rosy with the Godhand Exotic in Dauntless, has some mistakes and one of them has been very well taken advantage of by the players, who have managed to prolong the power burst, something that really should not happen.

In addition, some players have reported another error that causes them to freeze after using the great movement of the weapon.

In spite of the negative aspects that the Godhand Exotic in Dauntless presumably has, we tell you how to get the Godhand Exotic in Dauntless.

GODHAND | Exotic Warpike Build

How to get the Dauntless Godhand Exotic.

The first thing you will have to do is find the plan of the war pike, this is found through heroic patrols or the hunting of Rezakiri Behemoth. Considering that exotic hunting is an activity that takes time we recommend having heroic patrols unlocked.

This part is totally dependent on RNG, unfortunately, so you will have to beat the chosen method of agriculture until the Blueprint falls.

Once RNG-Esus has blessed you, collect these craft materials:

150 Rams (the Dauntless coin).
3 rezakiri chitin.
1 radiant Aethergem.
1 cracked Biocrystal.
6 Neutral furyplate.
3 neutral Skullgem.

You can grow Rezakiri chitin, radiant Aethergem, and crack Biocrysta from Rezakiri.

Neutral furyplate and the Skullgem gem, you can get them anywhere on a hunt that is at threat level 8 or higher.

For the Furyplate, grow an extremity when the Behemoth becomes enraged and, to obtain the Skullgem gem, it is necessary to cultivate a limb of a beast's head within two minutes of the fight from.

And that's how you get the exotic war pike of Dauntless-farm for the Blueprint through heroic patrols or the hunting of Rezakiri Behemoth, gather the materials, and pick up your shiny new exotic.

As we already mentioned, it is not easy, but the Godhand Exotic in Dauntless is worth any effort.

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