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Dauntless: how to get stamina-generating helm - skullforge exotic

2019-07-17 18:16:32

Our explanation this time is about how to get stamina-generating helm in Dauntless.

As you will know in Dauntles there are three helmets, this time we are going to focus only on get stamina-generating helm, these helmets improve the skills, to achieve this in particular it will not be easy, here you have to get materials necessary to get stamina-generating helm through forging the exotic Dauntless skull.

What advantages will you have to get stamina-generating helm in Dauntless?

What you gain by get stamina-generating helm, well this helmet will allow you to create a shield that will convert 1.5% of the damage in a defense shield. It will be active until you spend staminaor damage in 5 seconds. It is an excellent extra defense layer saving you from falling many times, the helmet also has a Dauntless Cells defense, which will be useful to be alive.

In this stage of Dauntless the stamina is a problem, especially when facing the Behemoths, for that reason if you manage to get stamina-generating helm you will be able to continue for the whole area of ​​fights without any problem.

How to get stamina-generating helm in Dauntless?

As for all helmets you must obtain the Blueprint, to get stamina-generating helm you must be ready for heroic patrol or annihilate the Firebrand Charrogg in any way, as well as defeating the Behemoths in the manner indicated, to win and that this release the Blueprint you must be lucky because it is like a challenge that happens to the first attempt or in many attempts.

You already have an idea to build it now you have to gather the necessary materials to get stamina-generating helmt in Dauntless, being simpler than obtaining the Blueprint but in the same way it can take you some time to get the materials.

What materials should I obtain to get stamina-generating helm in Dauntless?

The materials to collect are these: 75 rams, 2 Charrogg Scale, 1 Tailspike Smoldering, 6 tail of neutral fury, 3 throat Neutral

One of the easy to find materials is the rams this is the type of currency in Dauntless so you must have accumulated something, for the 2 Charrogg scale you just kill Charrog, this must have already with Blueprint and Tailspike.

For the last two materials if the thing is a bit more difficult, for the neutral throat you will have to break the limbs of a Behemoth two minutes after the fight, with the right equipment and weapons you can do it, the tail of neutral fury has to break the tail of a Behemoth in a state of fury. These missions to get these two materials are at level 8 or higher, and you can get stamina-generating helm.

With these ingredients you can forge the exotic skull, so we arrive at the end of the explanation on how you can get Dauntless stamina-generating helm.

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