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Dauntless: How to Get Dull Arcstone for upgrade the gear

2019-05-27 16:21:28

Currently in Dauntless, taking into account that players in the community must be reaching higher levels. In turn, this forces them to make improvements in their teams that are at a high effectiveness, above +5. However, to achieve that goal, players are required to obtain certain elements known as "Arcstones" that have a classification distributed between Dull Arcstones, Shining Arcstones and Peerless Arcstones. To help, here at xboxplay.games we leave this guide with some important details to get the Arcstones.

Dauntless How To Get Dull Arcstones

Dull Arcstones in Dauntless

Beginning with the Dull Arcstones, it should be known that to achieve them in Dauntless it's necessary to overcome the Threat Level 8-12 of hunting Behemoth. It's important to know that these battles will have considerable difficulty, so players are recommended to form a Slayers team with good hunting skills and experience.

As for the necessary number that must be obtained to improve the team above +5 are at least 90 Dull Arcstones.

Shining Arcstones in Dauntless

The Shining Arcstones turn out to be the "step" that follows in Dauntless, after the Dull Arcstones. For these it's necessary to obtain a team with an effectiveness superior to +8. As for the way with which to obtain the Shining Arcstones it turns out to be very similar to getting the Dull Arcstones with the big difference that the players must face to search with a greater difficulty.
To obtain the Shining Arcstones players must do Threat Level 13-16 in Behemoth hunting. On the other hand, alternatively it's recommended that the players also complete the Heroic Patrols.

At least 120 Shining Arcstones are necessary to start improving the equipment.

Peerless Arcstones in Dauntless

The hierarchy for the Arcstones, after the Dull and the Shining finally are the Peerless Arcstones, in Dauntless. To obtain them, players must complete Threat Level 17+ in hunting Behemoth and Patrols, so they must be well prepared as this can prove to be a challenge with quite high difficulty. In this sense, it is advisable to form a group with friends and prepare as much as possible.

The players will need about 150 Peerless Arcstones to get the team above +10.

Considerations to get the Arcstones

Because getting the Arcstones can end up presenting a considerable difficulty because the Threat Level must be completed in high Behemoth hunting, it's important that the players have certain recommendations in consideration.

+ Learn the elementary weaknesses in the Behemoths. First of all it's very important to know that the best way in which players can prepare for the Threat Level is by learning the elemental weaknesses that the Behemoths possess. This should be extremely useful in making defeating the Behemoths much easier.

+ Fight with Behemoth to study them. It's recommended that players fight with Behemoth at lower Threat Levels to have ideas as to how they can attack these monsters.

+ Create a team of Competent Slayers. Another very important point is that to get the Arcstones can be very effective to create a team with Slayers who have good skills and experience when hunting the Behemoths, so consider your friends for it.

With this guide you have some information that can help you a lot in Dauntless, so go for those Arcstones and keep in mind our recommendations.

Remember to share this article with your friends, it can also help them a lot. Don't forget to always come back here, xboxplay.games and leave your experiences in the game, doubts or any other detail you want to add to help players in the community.

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