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Dauntless: How to get and Unlock Rezakiri and Shrowd

2019-06-03 18:17:38

Despite some server problems that arose in the release of Dauntless, it is still poised to be one of the favorite choices among the players of both PS4 Xbox One and PC. Dauntless is full of missions and challenges full of action, which you can complete either individually or with a group of friends.

But the developers of Dauntless do not stop to take momentum, and are constantly working to bring new improvements and new content for all users.

Although if you are already a slightly older player in Dauntless, you will probably want to know how to unlock the weekly fighters for Rezakiri and Shrowd.

The weekly fighters for Rezakiri and Shrowd will not be available for all players, since, first of all, they will have to meet some requirements to have the weekly fighters for Rezakiri and Shrowd in Dauntless, which you will get simply by playing.

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