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Dauntless: How to Fix Pike Charge Bug animation?

2019-07-01 19:42:00

Following the Update 0.83 in Dauntless It is obvious that you should have noticed the Bug that has in that the animation is not seen anything from this last patch if you use the weapon, for that reason it is not enough reason to be happy with this Bug , the question is How to Fix Pike Charge Bug animation? From Dauntless And if it has a solution. Here we will see if there is any way to solve this problem.

Dauntless Pike Charge Bug

Dauntless: Fix Pike Charge Bug animation is the question, the detail of this Bug is that it does not affect everyone equally since it only affects those who use this weapon, the great detail of the matter is that in its Most players choose to use this weapon, this Bug was seen when installing the expansion 0.83 and the animation does not play when wanting to use this attack.

It is assumed that this attack is special and we could Fix Pike Charge Bug animation; when running the animation should the enemy receive considerable damage but the players noticed that this does not happen, therefore the character makes a different movement in which the damage is normal for the enemy and is not enough to be able to defeat it directly, this way we managed to Fix Pike Charge Bug animation in Dauntless.

How to fix Pike Charge Bug animation

We expected that Fix Pike Charge Bug animation in Dauntless would give us the solution but unfortunately we found out that at the moment it doesn't exist. What it touches is to wait a while.

Players have been asked to let you know what additional Bugs the game may have as a result of this update. A post on the reddit page was started by the administrator of reddit phoenix labs with the user name of phx-shae. It is likely that a solution comes soon as phoenix labs would be applying a patch so that the animation is reproducible correctly.

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