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Dauntless: How to find Dull Arcstones, Peerless, and Shining

2019-06-04 21:32:02

Finding yourself with the opaque, unparalleled and brilliant ArcStone e Dauntless will not be an easy task, most likely you will have to be immersed in Dauntless for a while.

The most likely thing is that at this moment you are wondering why you would spend so much time in Dauntless looking for the opaque, brilliant and unmatched Arcstones. Well, very simple, if you want to have the most powerful set of weapons and armor in Dauntless, then you will have to find opaque, brilliant and unrivaled Arcstones. Obviously any player in Dauntless will want the best set of weapons and armor, we know, that's why we have decided to prepare a Dauntless guide, in which we will tell you how to quickly find opaque, unrivaled and brilliant Arcstones.


Farm intrepid Arcstones in Dauntless.

First of all, you should know that there are 3 types of intrepid Arcstones in Dauntless.

Arcstone type Patrol level:

Challenging Arcstone Threat Level 8-12.
Peerless Arcstone Threat level.
17+ Brilliant Arcstone Threat Level 13-16.

Intrepid Arcstones.

As we already mentioned, the Arcstones in Dauntless are useful to create more powerful and strong weapons and armor respectively, but not all the time it is necessary to have Arcstones, you can go to any of the vendors of weapons or armor in the central area, and request that design specific elements and not everyone will need them, but the most powerful elements do.

In order to win Arcstones in Dauntless, first of all, you'll want to unlock patrols in Dauntless, you'll have to go with Katerin Sorrel in Ramsgate when you start, and she'll give you a mission.

You need to reach Slayer Rank 4, kill a Skarn and a Shrike by embarking on the relevant mission of the Hunting Board, create one of the two Lanterns and finally complete the search for Admiral Zai.

Once all of this is completed, you can unlock the ability to perform patrols from the Ramsgate hunting board. It is completing the patrols that you can earn Arcstones in Dauntless.

Farm dull Arcstones in Dauntless.

The Arcstones Dull are the easiest to acquire the three elements, because, for example, you unlock Patrols Level 8 before unlocking Patrols level 17. really going to unlock Patrols Level 8 fairly early in Dauntless, because by the time you complete the Katerin Sorrel's mission to unlock Patrols first, you should be close to Slayer Rank 5 anyway.

Farm the peerless Arcstones in Dauntless.

These stones are blocked behind all Patrols that have a threat level of 17 and above, which makes them the hardest element to get in Dauntless.

To get them you will have to complete the main missions you will get from Katerin Sorrel in Ramsgate.

Shiny Arcstones in Dauntless.

If you want to get these you will have to embark on Patrols with a threat level between 13 and 16. You will unlock Patrols with these threat levels once you have put about 10 hours in total Dauntless.

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