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Dauntless: How to farm Frost Orbs and used it

2019-05-30 19:02:29

Here are the ways to grow frozen orbs in Dauntless, discover how to use them here.

In Dauntless, the free role-playing video game developed by Phoenix Labs, there are a total of five special manufacturing reagents that you can get and grow, and Frost Orbs is one of them. This allows you to make new equipment, improve both armor and weapons. If you want to know how to grow them in Dauntless, continue reading

DAUNTLESS GUIDE | How to Farm Behemoth Parts Effectively

How to grow Frost Orbs in Dauntless?

Frost Orbs can be obtained simply by playing. However, to maximize the amount of Frost Orbs you purchase, you will need to do some key things.

The best way to grow Frost Orbs in Dauntless is the Frost Patrol. They consist of special missions that will defeat one of the three Frost Behemoths that are available to hunt, although you must know that this election is completely aleaotria, so you must be prepared to face the strongest Behemoth. Frost Patrols have a lower Threat Level of 4 and can reach a Threat Level much higher than 7.

Frost Patrols can include the Frost Behemoth Level, the Skraev, this one comes with a Recommended Power Level of 150. The Behemoth has the ability to freeze your enemies in place and then attack with a quick ferocity.

The Boreus is the intermediate level Behemoth available to hunt at Frost Patrols. It has a recommended level of power of 250, it also has psionic abilities that make it possible to manipulate the ether of frost that is located inside to attack and defend itself of the Killers. While the Pangar comes with a recommended power level of 275 for Slayers and has powerful fangs that you can use to bury islands and attack the Slayers.

The reward you will receive when completing the Frost Patrols will be 10 Frost Orbs, but you can also complete these missions with your daily active bonus with 10 additional Orbs.

To use the Frost Orbs you must visit Ramsgate, so head to the processing area and talk to Wils Bormen. There you can create several weapons using parts of Behemoth and the different Orbs you have harvested.


These are the weapons available in Dauntless:
- Sword Onus of Boreus.
- The Brutality of Boreus hammer ,.
- The Destiny of Boreus Chain Blades.
- The Whirlwind of Boreus ax.
- The Revolution of Boreus War Pike.

Each weapon will require Frost Orbs to create and improve, so you must have enough Orbs.

In Ramsgate, you can also visit Moyra Heigsketter, the gunsmith. Here you can create pieces of armor. Although you must keep in mind that each piece of armor will require parts of the Boreus, as well as a wide supply of frost orbs.

Be sure to gather enough Frost Orbs to keep your stocks stocked for the purpose of issuing the crafts.

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