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Dauntless: How to farm for Shock Orbs and How Used it

2019-05-30 15:03:44

As is known, in Dauntless there are various materials that can be used to improve equipment. Among the most used and important manufacturing materials are the Orbs, of which there are several types. Among them is a type known as Shock Orbs, which are necessary to face the Behemoths that lie in the Shattered Islands. Due to this need that players have in Dauntless, this guide presents information on how to get Shock Orbs quickly and even how to use them to create new equipment (weapons and armor) and some other details.

Dauntless: How to Get Orbs (Neutral, Blaze, & More)

Shock Orbs and Shock Patrols in Dauntless

In Dauntless the Orbs are among the most important materials for manufacturing, necessary to create new weapons and armor according to the specific type of Orb. Among its various types are the Shock Orbs, which is a relevant material to achieve if you want to create the Shock Infusion Elements.
If as a player in Dauntless you want to get the Shock elements and therefore want to get many Shock Orbs quickly, then you have to concentrate on the Shock Patrols. These other 10 Orbs of Shock as a reward only for hunting the Behemoth present in each Patrol. Therefore, focusing on these patrols is a good way to get Shock Orbs.

Dauntless: Behemoths in the Shock Patrols

While Shock Patrols are a very good way to cultivate Shock Orbs faster, they have only one drawback and it is the difficulty that Shock Behemoths can present since some of these can be among the most difficult beasts when they start in the game. The Shock Patrols present a Threat Level between 5 to 7 together with an Energy Level

recommended equal to 200, for a Shock Behemoth.

In the Shock Patrols he faces three different Behemoths of Clashes, each stronger than the previous one. The monster with the lowest level, equal to 200, is the Nayzaga. The second Behemoth with the Level that follows the previous one is e Stormclaw, presenting a recommended Power Level equal to 250. Third and the strongest among the three Behemoths of Clashes is Drask, with an equal power level recommended to 275.

Rewards and Daily Patrol Bonuses help get more Orbs

One way you can get several additional Shock Orbs is by completing the Shock Patrols with your active Daily Patrol Rewards and Bonuses. It is possible to get up to 6 rewards or bonus at a time. This means that a Patrol can be completed up to 6 times and thereby obtain the same amount in rewards that will be achieved by completing 12 Patrols.

This is among the best possible ways to maximize the amount of Shock Orbs you gain. In this sense, the Daily Patrol Bonus Rewards should be used in a specific type of Patrol with which the necessary types of Orbs can be won.

How to use the Shock Orbs in Dauntless

Knowing the ways in which it is possible to quickly get Shock Orbs, it is also necessary to know how to use them. As is already known, Orbs are elements for manufacturing that can be used to improve equipment, creating new weapons and armor.

To create these articles it is necessary to reach the city Ramsgate since it is the social center in Dauntless and where a large part of the activities are carried out, such as exploring and working. While in the city, you should only go to your back corner to find two NPCs that will help you with the manufacture of weapons and armor.
The provider responsible for creating the weapons is Wils Bormen. When talking with this it is possible to manufacture various weapons such as swords, chain knives among many other items for weaponry.

In front of the creator of arms is the NPC Moyra Heigsketter. This character is the one who is dedicated to creating pieces for armors. When talking with Moyra you can create pieces such as the Draskscale Helmet, for which parts of the Behemoth Dhem and Shock Orbs are needed. In this sense it is recommended to create complete sets of armors to ensure a more complete protection. Also know that in Dauntless each set of armor comes with bonuses and individual attributes that can be used to improve the style of play.

And now you know some ways to get the Shock Orbs much faster, as well as the process to use them. It is important that you get many Orbs and have them accumulated, even when you do not need them so you do not have to strain so suddenly when you really need them.

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