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Dauntless: How to Earn Orbs Easy and Quickly

2019-06-04 20:46:38

For many the cultivation of orbs in Dauntless can be somewhat complicated, but we have the solution for you to know and you can win orbs easily and quickly.

The orbs are elements of craftsmanship that have a great value in Dauntless since with these you can buy to manufacture quite powerful articles. Besides that if you are looking for a good level in your weapons and armor you will need to have orbs.

Dauntless: How to Get Orbs (Neutral, Blaze, & More)

The types of orbs that you can find in Dauntles are:

  • Terra ORBS.
  • Shock orbs.
  • Neutral orbs.
  • Frost Orbs
  • Radiant orbs.
  • Shady orbs.
  • Blaze ORBS.

That is why we have decided to prepare this guide about Dauntless to let you know how you can gain an orb easily and quickly.

How to win orbs easily and quickly in Dauntless.

You can win orbs easily and quickly as you are defeating monsters of a certain type of element, such as the smaller boreus that give you orbs of frost due to the element of these that is Frost.

You can also win orbs easily and quickly in Dauntless with a bonus for your first six fighters of each day, obviously we refer to successful fighters, if you get them you will receive 10 orbs of random type as a reward.

These are the only ways in which you can get orbs, unfortunately they are not available to be purchased.

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