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Dauntless: How to Build best Gear and Equipment

2019-05-30 21:50:17

Do you want to have the best Equipment in Dauntless? Here we will show you how to form it.

Dauntless to be an action game has a series of elements that can help you hunt the huge Behemoths, such elements are: weapons, armor, among other skills that you acquire as you progress in the game. Combine different armor and weapons to cause damage to monsters. Here we will show you how to build the best Equipment in Dauntless.

In Dauntless it is difficult to build the best equipment, since there are different amounts of weapons and elements such as flashlights, armor and cells that can be combined to obtain different effects. For this reason we will show you the best possible constructions you can find in Dauntless.

Overpowered Hammer Build - DPS Hammer Gameplay - Dauntless

In Dauntless construction is the ultimate entity to inflict staggered damage. The Skarn revenge hammer already has +3 overthrow king benefits, this gives you a staggered damage increase, later you can add another Destroyed King bonus with the empty cell squares.

- The revenge of Skarn
- Shrikedown Helm
- Shrikedown Plate
- Shrikedown gloves
- Grebas Shrikedown
- Shrike zeal

Be sure to place the Cells focused on Agility in the empty spaces of cellular armor. The Weighted Beats benefits of Skarn Revenge require you to maximize the dodge speed for a potential damage of +400 after dodging in an attack.

Ice ax Build

Keep in mind that the Iceborne advantage is the key to unlocking the potential of this Dauntless construction. This means that you can be offensive without having to worry about your health, because you will be granted a decrease in the damage received by 30% when you are below half of your health, and while this benefit is active, you will get a 8% stamp of life on all attacks.

- Any ax
- Hellplate Casque
- Draskscale Plate
- Grips of Gnasher
- Boreal March
- Drake's eye

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