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Dauntless Guide: How to get cells and fuse them

2019-05-22 22:50:26

Find out how to obtain cells and how to merge them into 'Dauntles'.

Dauntles has some cells that turn out to be quite valuable for the players, since you're providing bonuses to weapons and armors. These cells are obtained from the nuclei with their rarity and their determined power, since it could be a core of bronze, silver or even gold.

What Are Cells? And How Do They Work? | Dauntless Beginner Guide

How to get the Cell?

You can get them from a variety of sources, including missions and leveling the Search Pass. You've the possibility of opening the nuclei in the city in one of several points.

You should know that the cells you'll receive are random, since the cores are a form of loot box. But don't worry, The Middleman in town will make things easier for you when you get the powerful cells. This has a few different cells that you can buy with the premium coin 'platinum' or with ether powder. You can get the latter to any unwanted cell.
Although they are a bit expensive.

However, you've another option to get the powerful cells. You can merge your own existing cells to make them more powerful, although the limitation you've is that it takes 24 hours at a time and you can only do one at a time. However, with platinum you have the possibility to buy two more slots.

How do the fused cells work?

- Combine two +1 cells of different abilities and types to receive a +2 cell of a random ability and type.

- Combine two cells +1 of a different skill but of the same type to receive a +2 cell of a random ability within that type.
- Combine two identical +1 cells to receive a +2 cell of the same variety.

- Combine two cells +2 of the previous forms to receive a cell +3.

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