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Dauntless for Nintendo Switch Release date - When will it come?

2019-06-14 15:57:19

 Dauntless, the videogame of the genre of action developed by Phoenix Labs, released almost a month ago, on May 21 of this year to be more precise, was released for users of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. But in addition to these consoles, Nintendo Switch users can also enjoy Dauntless soon.

 The Release date for Dauntless on the Nintendo Switch is increasingly close. In fact, in addition to revealing the launch date which is already very close, we were able to test Dauntless during E3 this year.

Dauntless Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Dauntless Release date for the Nintendo Switch.

It is expected that Dauntless's release date on Nintendo Switch will be later this year. Information related to the release date was revealed during the Nintendo E3 2019.

Although actually the exact release date as such, has not yet been revealed, we know from Nintendo that Dauntless will be available on our Nintendo Switch consoles later this year.

But the release date for Dauntless switch on the Nintendo Switch. It is not the only news that is driving users crazy. Whoever was on the E3 2019 show floor could do the Dauntless test on the Nintendo Switch before the release date, so if you are interested in Dauntless for the Nintendo Switch, you should take the test before the date of launch to know more or less what to expect.

Dauntless in less than a month has become a truly incredible success that has left us all amazed. According to data from the developers themselves, Dauntless had already reached the step of 10 million users only on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Undoubtedly a truly incredible number considering that it was launched less than a month ago.

 In addition, Dauntless, is the first videogame to offer multiplatform games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, without a doubt a very big achievement in the video game industry.

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