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Dauntless Damage Guide: how to break parts

2019-05-22 14:25:55

Find out what types of Dauntless damage are.

In Dauntless when finding a giant you must attack and if you look at the damage statistics, they are shown in colors. If you want to know what the damage types are, keep reading.

Basic damage (White): This damage is standard and has no additional effects.

Part damage (Yellow): This color indicates that a part of the giant's body is being damaged directly. This is a type of damage to which you should aim, since damaging a limb to the point of breaking will generate resources. The resources are of great importance for the elaboration, reason why it is normal that you want to try to break all the extremities of a giant during a confrontation.

Stagger damage (Blue): This damage is inflicted on the limbs or on the head of a giant, this can give you an advantage in the battle. When causing stepped damage, the most effective is that of the hammers. However, the damage of the swords, that of the blades of the chains and the axes can also inflict it.

Wound damage (Red): The wounds are caused by parts very similar to the penetrating damage of the war pikes. You can see an ether wound seeping out of it. This gives to demonstrate that they are vulnerable to additional damage by oblique bar attacks.

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