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Dauntless: Chain Blades Build the best option

2019-06-03 20:10:40

These are the best construction techniques in Dauntless.
If you are part of those players who are dedicated to the construction in Dauntless at the time of hunting, you came to the right place, because this time we will be talking about the accumulation of this type, causing the Slayers cause great damage during combat.

Recently Sh4d0wStrider, a well-known YouTuber, showed a construction of Dauntless Chain Blades, focused on maximizing both damage and attack speed. On the other hand, the Assault, Blitz and Frenzy toners can be used to push the DPS of this higher Dauntless Chain Sheet.

Serrated Blades Chain Blade builds - DPS Chain Blade Gameplay - Dauntless Patch 0.8.1

Below we will show you in detail the damage version of Dauntless Chain Blades. Available only to play with friends.

- Chain Blades: Inferno's Fangs + 15 | Perks: + 3 Overpower | Cells: +3 Higher power cell, +3 Rage hunting cell | Special: Cruel Riftstrike | Mod: serrated blades.

- Head: Crown of light + 15 | Benefits: +3 Conduit | Cellular: +3 Cell of evasive fury.

- Torso: Mantle of thorns + 15 | Benefits: +3 Predator | Cell: + 3 Cell of etheric tuning.

 - Weapons: grip of thorns + 15 | Benefits: +3 evasive fury | Cell: +3 rage hunter cell.

- Legs: Thorns Pass + 15 | Benefits: +3 Predator | Cell: +3 ethereal tuning cell.

- Flashlight: Drask's Eye | Cell: +3 Conduit cell.

Dauntless Chain Blades Build

After having collected all the pieces for this construction, the Slayers most likely want to start a fight using the Assault, Blitz and Frenzy Tonics to receive a couple of hits from the Behemoth reaching approximately 50% health. What will give you the possibility of obtaining an additional attack speed with the Blitz tonic, having a general increase in DPS.
From that moment you must dodge as many attacks as possible, all in order to obtain the bonus Evasive Fury, avoiding the damage and thus keep the Predator buff active. However, you can also attack the head of a Behemoth first to achieve both a fast staggering in Dauntless, as well as additional Overpower damage. From there he resists the attack using the Chain Blades to evade.

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