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Dauntless: Best Axe - Axe Tips and Tricks

2019-06-13 18:22:54

In Dauntless, the free RPG video game developed by Phoenix Labs, there are 6 different weapons, which have their particular function, as well as different mechanisms and methods to make use of them, among them is the Axe weapon. And in this opportunity we will focus on it, that is, we will give you the best tips and tricks to use the Axe in Dauntless.

The best Axe of Dauntless

Axe is a much more methodical weapon with respect to its rate, since it uses slow but dense attacks. To be able to make use of this weapon, you must have a wide knowledge of the openings of the giants and how to exploit them to be able to extract the maximum damage to your combos. These combos consist mainly of vertical and horizontal attacks, fulfilling a unique function.

Horizontal and vertical attacks of the Axe in Dauntless

Ax Weapon's first horizontal attack allows you to move slowly while charging, however, this consumes more resistance if kept too long. With respect to vertical attacks, they keep you in place, but they cause more damage. That is, in general the horizontal attack causes less damage than vertical attacks.

Vertical ripper

This consists completely of vertical attacks with the final attack, which can be repeated so many times until you run out of energy. You should know that this combo will keep you in one place mainly, as none of the attacks has a substantial advancement momentum.

Horizontal border

This consists of totally horizontal attacks and takes a lot of forward momentum. This is ideal to close the gap between a giant and you.

Another fact that must be taken into account is that the first and third attacks of both combos can be charged, this causes the initial attack and the full combo to accumulate your special meter, which is located below your resistance bar.

There are 3 stages in your charge attack. If you leave the load immediately after reaching the third stage, you can win resolve.

Resolve - Dauntless

This prevents the giants stagger for a short time, you can identify by a golden glow that surrounds your character. Although you should keep in mind the following, the first attack on the horizontal edge will not allow you to solve it when reaching the third load, because it is the only attack that can resist. You must charge indefinitely before attacking.

Combo Crossover - Dauntless

The axe has the ability to perform a crossover combo, this allows you to change the first two attacks in any of the combo. In addition to that you can make a series of combos that do not appear in the list of movements.

For a combination of maximum damage output and meter gain you must perform two vertical attacks followed by two horizontal attacks. To gain some thickness, you must load the first vertical attack and then load the first horizontal attack on that combo.

Instead of the first vertical attack, you can perform a horizontal load attack. However, you should know that this will drain a lot of resistance during the process. Although, if you wish, you can also perform the Vertical Ripper combo in order to obtain massive amounts of meters of your final repeatable attack, but you can only do it in some very specific circumstances.

Special meter functions - Dauntless

With each charge attack that lands or with the blows of your special attacks, your special meter will gradually fill up. The first special attack will be the Rouen Flash. You must unlock it and throw your axe like a boomerang damaging, generating a meter as it passes through a giant. Reactivate it by pressing the special button again to perform a blow to the head.

Important fact

If you use your special ability to a full meter, you can cause more damage, and you will gain a determination stack.

You can increase your damage inflicted according to the range of determination you have. In Rank 3 without modifications, you can generate up to 50% increased damage. If you turn to the right of your special meter, you can find your range of determination, with the number that indicates how much determination you have.
Below are some of the most important mechanisms you should understand in Dauntless:

Axe modes

Grim Onslaught

It consists of a special act, which you can unlock once you have reached level 8 of the axe domain. Instead of throwing your axe like a boomerang, you will eat your real strength of 10,000 soles.

Once contact is made with any surface, the axe will bounce and land near its initial point of impact. You can win a stack of determination if you are a full meter in the axe hits, but if you are not in the flow meter when the axe hits, you can build a small amount of your special meter.

However, do not worry, the violent attack will remain for fifteen seconds after you pick up your axe. The core of the volatile axe will be one of the first modifications that you can unlock. Keep in mind that you can inflict little damage for each stage of your charged attacks.

The damage of the AoE is affected by the damage bonds. On the other hand, it is also capable of breaking parts and cutting off horns and tails, which can widen the openings to cause dense damage.

Unlock the volatile domain level of Corp 6 level to equip it through a LOT menu.

lightweight haft

Unlock it by reaching the level of mastery of axe ten. It is a mod that gives you the ability to maintain the final charge of your first horizontal attack for an indefinite time, making you move faster while recharging. When you take this mod, bear in mind the following, although maintaining the load will not cause accumulated resistance until the third stage of loading, it will still do so.

On the other hand, the overload cylinders are unlocked at the level of domain 16, these allow to obtain another series of determination that increases your maximum damage bonus to 75% in four ranges of determination.

Although the damage bonus of having four ranges of determination is good for you, usually you will not use it much before the Bema is dead. Which indicates that you probably would have done more damage in general using the core of volatile acts.

Increase your damage

The volatile score of the axe is usually an excellent option and is quite useful in almost all situations.

Tips and tricks for the Axe in Dauntless

Despite its low speed, it has one of the easiest breaks to land in the game, this is because your first horizontal attack has many active frames. Which means that it is capable of inflicting damage over a long period of time once you start the attack.

Interrupt the giants while not facing them with the use of the rear swing to add style points. This method of interruption is quite useful. Once you learn to use it, you will not want to change fights and attacks.

To persist from being useful in trying to exploit small openings, by doing this, you will lose a lot of damage and gain in the meter. For that reason it is recommended only to intensify it if you do not have much time to squeeze the damage.

AXe drifting

It is a technique you can perform to replenish and tilt your attacks. To go to it, you must move in the direction you want your attack to land and move your camera slightly along with the attack.

When you manage to move back towards your starting point, it will cause you an effect of 180 points, although you will not need to turn that amount of tuff adrift from Tokyo.

In this way we finish with the tips and tricks on the Axe in Dauntless. We hope this information has been very useful for you. Do not forget to stay tuned for more publications like this one. Good luck and enjoy Dauntless!

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