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Dauntless beginner's guide Tips and Tricks

2019-05-21 19:54:34

Dauntless is a cooperative role-playing videogame that was published in May last year 2018 in its beta version in Microsoft Windows. Now, in its official version will be also available for free for PS4 and Xbox One, from this May 21. Due to this, in xboxplay.games we will leave you this guide for beginners with several tips that you should know to start in Dauntless.


To summarize a bit, the video game Dauntless takes place in a fantasy environment, where after an event that unleashed a series of events, the world was destroyed and with this, monsters called Behemoths were released, which live by taking advantage of the human survivors.

In Dauntless is based on hunting giant monsters Behemoths, in a Co-Op mode. This means that the monsters must be located and then you must kill them. In the game you take a role as Slayers working in the city Ramsgate, which is threatened by the Behemoths and it is your job to finish them.

Dauntless Beginner Guide

Start in Dauntless

When you start in Dauntless, you don't own anything and you're hardly an aspiring Slayer looking to join the professionals. In this sense you must customize your character and go collecting booties to be stronger. So, to start you're assigned an introductory hunt as a tutorial. After you finish it, you'll be ready to go to the Ramsgate city where you'll be able to carry out real hunting and get different things with which to reinforce yourself.

Ramsgate City, missions and hunting

In the city Ramsgate is where all the activity takes place. In it you'll get merchants and salespeople who are going to empower you to supply new equipment that goes from weapons and armor to various elements to update said equipment.

Missions in Dauntless

To get the missions, you need to be aware of the yellow exclamation points that are shown on the radar at the top of the screen. Each time these signs are shown it's indicating that someone is searching and you can complete it. If you track them by following the yellow sign until you reach the proposed location, you will be given a mission. These searches are usually based on recovering some articles for the iron of the Ramsgate city.

Dauntless: hunting the Behemoths in Ramsgate City

If you're eager to start hunting Behemoths in Dauntless, you just have to go to the Game Board, located just below. In this board is from where a single monster is selected to be located.

After you've selected the monstrou to hunt, Dauntless will atomically assign you to a team with three other players, joining them to start the hunt.

An advantage that you've, without considering that you're assigned to a team, is that when you start hunting with your allies, a screen opens in which you can select weapons and other items. Also, hunting does not start until all players are ready and fully equipped.

Recommendations for hunting Behemoths

In a world full of violent monsters as in Dauntless it's good that you keep in mind some recommendations:

- Detects the attack patterns in the Behemoths. These monsters usually show an attack pattern, these are specific behaviors that show when they are going to attack. An example happens with the Lesser Embermane, these lower their heads. It's very important that this be done since it allows you to have a better performance.

- Iframes give you make you invincible. Dauntless provides you with a certain amount of iframes (also called invincibility frames). During these iframes, the player can not be damaged by any attack. Note: if you synchronize this with the attacks, it will be very beneficial for you in combat, because it is very important to detect the attack patterns in the Behemoths.

- Cracks for healing. In the game it's very likely to get cracks in the ground from where a blue light is detected. These are known as "healing crevasses". You just have to stand on top of them and keep pressing the corresponding button for a few seconds. By doing this, both the members of your team and you are going to be cured.

- Perform daily missions. Carry out the daily missions, these can offer you limited time to hunt down a specific Behemoth and thus also allow you to get more rewards than those obtained in a normal hunt. To get them, you only need to open your diary, it'll show the Daily Missions that are available to you.

Types of damage in Dauntless

In Dauntless there are several types of damages and each one has particular capabilities or specific benefits. In total there are three and then you're shown what they are, their characteristics and the weapons that make them:

Harm by Cut. It's an attack that emits a yellow color with which you've the ability to cut horns and tails. This is enhanced with axles, chain blades, repeaters and swords.
Damage by Blunt. It is a type of damage belonging to the hammers, which emits a red color, and which is perfect to amaze and shoot down the Behemoths.

Damage by Drilling. These attacks inflict damage on a specific part of the monster and will allow to increase all the damages that are made in that affected part. It's done with the pikes of war.

These are the details and tips that for now you should know to start in Dauntless. Share this article to your friends so that they also take these tips into account and together they start a good hunt.

If not Dauntless, now you can enjoy it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, free. Don't forget to return here, xboxplay.games, and leave comments with your experiences in the game, questions or details you want to communicate.

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