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Death Stranding Release Date for PS4

2019-03-19 17:55:18

Death Stranding is the next action game in the open world developed by the company Kojima Productions, and is also one of the biggest mysteries on the planet so far.

It still continues to attract the attention of Kojima considered worthy to visit in his studio.

Julian Gerighty, the Creative Director of The Division 2 said in his Twitter account the following:

"In the course of doing # TheDivision2 we did many incredible things and received the support of many other developers."

"Very grateful to @Kojima_Hideo for having welcomed us in his magnificent studio and showing us his amazing game".

"Trust me, #DeathStranding will be timeless."

But for us as users we simply have to hope that it will be the future of Death Stranding, which until now is not even known its release date for PS4. Actually until now all we know about him is that it has something to do with babies and futuristic Deliveroo.

Something that is a little or rather very rare if we take into account that Death Stranding was announced during the E3 of 2016 and is that not even the launched launchers say something, it is a mystery.

But he has a very interesting cast with Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus.

Kojima recently spoke with J-Wave News and revealed some details about the mysterious video game.

As it will be an open-world video game and it was taking more time than the original.

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