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Darksiders Genesis: How to Beat Stormcaller - tips and tricks

2019-12-10 09:58:39

We bring you a Darksiders Genesis guide where we will teach you how to beat stormcaller.

This game is the continuation of the saga that takes us through the post-apocalyptic world where the battles are somewhat more enigmatic, because Lucifer and the subordinates, angels and demons were those who had in mind to take over the earth, for them two horsemen of apocalypse They go into battle to prevent it, here we have the opportunity to change character or better yet invite some friends in order to take control of the matter and make the balance come back in this world, because each of the 2 brothers tend to contribute their forces which are extremely important when it comes to fighting bosses and demons in Darksiders Genesis.

When will we know how to beat stormcaller in Darksiders Genesis?

We will face this enemy at the end of chapter 12, for this it is important that the brothers manage to get all the experience that is possible, in addition they execute their skills perfectly, because here the fighting takes place melee what makes the war It is a bit practical, because collecting the souls of dead enemies, they offer us the opportunity to achieve improvements in terms of war and struggle, so that this is fundamental, since the ideal is to adapt the best we can to the inhabitants from hell, because in this game we have the option of being able to control the war and the fight, therefore our goal is to hack, so that we can make our way through the hordes of enemies.

Eliminating the enemies that are close to us allows us to access the combined skills and abilities, because we can make use of Chaos / anarchy, this offers us the possibility of making any of the brothers simply one of the avatar of judgment and by so we can achieve our goal which brings us closer to knowing how to beat stormcaller.

How to beat stormcaller in Darksiders Genesis?

This fight is quite intense, because to begin our enemy will focus on calling the subjects, in order to be helped, for this it is necessary to make use of chaos / anarchy, this damages the boss a bit and therefore he will be responsible for invoking lightning, because with them it manages to cause blows in specific areas, which are usually relegated in the circle of the ground, at this point it is important to avoid it, since if we fall into that trap we will simply be stunned, obviously we will be vulnerable to attacks, one way is to make use of AOE of war, because it is ideal to execute it avoiding that this is a much bigger problem.

Stormcaller is not going to stay still and will try to shoot us electricity, because he does this with his straight-line weapon, this is an attack that tends to be difficult to dodge while there are subjects alive, so it is important to eliminate them before, at this point It is highly relevant to switch to Strife because the ideal is to keep the distance from the attacks, as long as we keep this up, at some point the boss falls, and therefore clears chapter 12.

This is not a final boss, but if it gives us enough war, because these attacks must be taken into account because later we will face Lucifer and can execute some of them, obviously we will be somewhat prepared, so this boss is just a practice which allows War and Strife to make a parade with Stormcaller in Darksiders Genesis.

We can finish this guide by commenting that knowing how to beat stormcaller is just an exercise for the battles ahead of us at Darksiders Genesis.

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