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Darksiders Genesis: Upgrades - the best upgrades you can equip

2019-12-09 11:03:05

Find out about all the upgrades that Darksiders Genesis has to offer here.

Upgrades in Darksiders Genesis are important, as they give you skills and movements capable of inflicting a great deal of damage on enemies. Therefore, this time we will be showing you what are the best upgrades that Darksiders offers.

Darksiders Genesis updates

These are some of the best upgrades you'll find in Darksiders, the action role-playing video game:

Chain of improvement

It has two different levels of update: improvement chain and improvement chain II. Both have the possibility of increasing the sword improvement attacks. If you end your combo with an improvement attack, you will get better results as far as the movement is concerned.

Health Overflow Potion

This has the ability to make you gain your health potion charge once you collect the health orbs, which you can unlock during the early stages of your title adventure or you can acquire it by buying it by Vulgrim.


If you manage to avoid the enemy attack, this update is ideal, as it generates a violent counterattack, capable of destroying the enemy.

Vessel of the Immortals

This offers you a potion, which you can use manually once your health level is low. To obtain it, you must buy it at Vulgrim.

Evade counter

This update gives Strife the ability to generate a clone once you dodge at the right time. These clones serve mostly as a method of distraction, allowing you to attack your opponent.

Flipsaw II

It gives you the ability to finish your air strike movement by generating a hard blow to the ground. This will produce a shockwave around the character and will be able to inflict a lot of damage to the enemies that are around.

Basically these are the most important upgrades that Darksiders Genesis has to offer.

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