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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Guide: Find All Items for School Mode

2019-05-14 17:29:36

Discover how to get the articles for the School Mode in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the adventure visual novel game is full of elements in the School Mode and here we will show you where and how you can find them.

Let's Play Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc School Mode

Constructing Tools

These are all the tools that can be built:

Ancient Compendium

Its use is double the amount of Humanities Materials collected.


Its use is twice the amount of scientific materials collected.


Use double the amount of art materials collected.

Pectoral Harness

Use double the amount of physical education materials collected.

Attendance Record

Use double the amount of general materials collected.

Coke Bottle Glasses

Its use is to reduce the amount of HP lost when collecting materials.

Long Mop

Increase cleaning efficiency.

Hi-Tech Mop

It greatly increases cleaning efficiency.


This is the correct order of all the statues you need to create for Monokuma.

- Monokuma Casanova.
- Greek Statue x1.
- Bag of Screws x2.
- Wrench x2.
- Chisel x5.

- Monokuma Butler.
- Motor x5.
- Binary Converter x5.
- Dustcloth x5.
- Screwdriver x3.

- Ecokuma.
- Stainless Steel Sheeting x20.
- Tree branch x20.
- Bunsen burner x5.
- Venus Flytrap x2.

- Cooking Mamakuma.
- Digestive Medicine x5.
- Kitchen Knife x10.
- Recipe Book x20.
- Gas Burner x10.

- MoeMoeKuma.
- Secret Book of Poems x10.
- Paint x20.
- Bandage x5.
- Penlight x2.
- Integrated Circuit x5.

- Monokumaadult.
- Greek Statue x5.
- Stainless Steel Sheet x20.
- Power Saw x10.
- Stepladder x5.
- Syringe x20.

- Monokuma Savant.
- Monokuma Photo Album x1.
- Pi Calculator x10.
- Motor x10.
- Binary Converter x30.
- Program Code x20.

- Heavy Arms Monokuma.
- Microchip x20.
- Iron Plate x5.
- Gas Burner x30.
- Welder x30.

- Warlockuma.
- Greek Statue x10.
- Microchip x20.
- Sci-Fi Novel x30.
- Secret Book of Poems x30.
- Paint x50.

- to rest.
- b) clean.
- c) look for spaces in the rooms.

All the elements in searching areas.

Dormitory: You can use this to rest.

Clean: You can clean the school.


- Bag of Screws
- Notebook
- Reference Book
- Sack of Marbles
- Metal Plate
- Triangle Ruler

Dining Hall:

- Milk
- Hot Dog Bun
- Kitchen Knife
- Recipe Book
- Aluminum Can
- Silver Spoon


- Programming Textbook
- Recipe Book
- Sci-Fi Novel
- Notebook
- Box cutter
- Monokuma Photo Album

Physics Lab:

- Wrench
- Metal Plate
- Bunsen Burner
- Integrated Circuit
- Sci-Fi Novel
- Iron Plate

Art Room:

- Watercolor Paints
- Chisel
- Screwdriver
- Sack of Marbles
- Marble Slab
- Oil Paints

Nurse's Office:

- Small Light Bulb
- Syringe
- Hot Dog Bun
- Digestive Medicine
- Bandage
- Antiseptic Solution


- Tree Branch
- Rubber Hose
- Kitchen Knife
- Screwdriver
- Stepladder
- Venus Flytrap

Data Center:

- Aluminum Can
- Integrated Circuit
- Digital Camera
- Box cutter
- Dust cloth
-Electronic Table

Music Room:

- Music Score
- Dust cloth
- Tambourine
- Reference Book
- Stopwatch
- Penlight


- Cardboard
- Soccer Ball
- Digestive Medicine
- Stopwatch
- Dust cloth
- Whistle

With this we finalize the list of articles for the School Mode
in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. We recall that the title is available on PlayStation Portable, Android and PS Vita platforms.