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Daemon X Machina: How To Earn Credits - tips and tricks

2019-09-13 15:44:43

If what you are looking for in Daemon X Machina, is to buy new equipment, weapons and armor, in this guide we will tell you how to earn credits using some tricks, so that everything is easier for you.

 The credits in Daemon X Machina, are like the essential real-life money, in this game you can use them to investigate new weapons and armor, obtain new equipment, and especially improve your character, so you need to win as many as you can. , so here we will tell you how to earn credits more effectively.

 How to earn credits in Daemon X Machina?

 There are many ways to get credits in Daemon X Machina, the main one is to do missions, whether they are history missions or free missions, you must keep in mind that history missions only have one option in them, while free ones you can repeat them As many times as you wish, several of these missions are short and give a good credit reward.

 Another way of how to earn credits is by selling the equipment that you can recover in the battles, when you eliminate one of your enemies looking on the ground you can get a gun, armor or other interesting object. We advise you to check what you can sell for an interesting price, if you are lucky and get a correct piece for sale you will get excellent rewards even get to triple the rewards of the missions.

 How to sell unnecessary items in Daemon X Machina?

 It is very easy to do, you just have to enter the main menu of the game, then to the store, there you can see everything you have, select the sale option, before confirming your sale you will observe everything in an attenuated way, verify that everything is fine and proceed to sell.

 This is all so far, we hope that our guide of Daemon X Machina, has been useful for your concerns about how to earn credits and thus be able to equip you with everything you need.

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