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Our tour of Cuphead allows us to explain where to find all the shortcuts on the map, let's see.

What are the shortcuts in Cuphead?

These are just some shortcuts with which it is possible to get us in this game, they are phenomenal since we are in the midst of some challenges that allow us to tour the Inkwell Islands only that at the beginning these are closed, therefore becoming a hard runner or A gunner turns out to be an ideal task, because our work focuses on collecting all contracts at a current level and it is also necessary to defeat the boss at all stages which sounds interesting because it will not always be the same way.

Where to find all the map shortcuts in Cuphead?

Knowing the shortcuts simply becomes a necessary task because this leads us to locate ourselves on Inkwell Island, in this shortcut we can get to the boss Ruse Of An Ooze, this is a level where it will be necessary to fight against slime, Groopy Le Grande, then take the road until you reach a natural bridge and from there finally being able to move to the right side to get to the other side of the river, this implies not counting on the need to defeat any level, as this is part of knowing where to find all direct accesses off the map and thereby emerge winners without having to occupy ourselves too much and leading us to consider that these levels exist:

  • Tree canopy problems.
  • Floral fury.
  • Mausoleum I.

The second shortcut existing on Inkwell Island 2 cannot be used in the same way as the previous one here if we are required to complete a level of Sugarland Shimmy as this implies nothing more and nothing less than having to defeat the Baroness Von Bon Bon, since This simply allows us to open the way to our goal of knowing where to find all the shortcuts on the map. From here it will be necessary to move to the Action Aviary level, here we have the opportunity to fight Wally Warbles and this opens the way for us to go behind the aviary in Cuphead, with this we manage to advance behind the mountain range to enter the hidden path where we will get to Grim Matchstick and with whom we will fight.

Shortcuts in Cuphead have their advantages, but this allows us to overcome some levels before executing the jump, but this does not happen very easily since at this point it is vital to defeat Rumor Honeybottoms when we are at the Honeycomb Herald level and With this access to the level where the junkyard is located, here it is important to walk by the crane and climb the fence, we continue the journey that leads us to Dramatric Fanastic as this occurs quickly or at least faster than the normal making the time is shortened but completing the necessary tasks.

Definitely knowing where to find all the shortcuts on the map allows us to move more quickly along Cuphead.

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