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Cube World: Pet Foods Guide - tips and tricks

2019-09-25 10:32:34

Want to know what Cube World pet foods are? Then you should take a look here, since we have it covered for you.

In Cube World, the voxel-based action role-playing video game developed by Picroma, the use of pets is implemented. For this reason, this time we will show you a guide that includes all the pet food you will need at Cube World, so stay with us.

What are the pet foods at Cube World?

Below we will show you the complete list of both pet foods that are available at Cube World, and the pets that will be fed:

  • Bumblebee, food: Biscuit Roll.
  • Brown Alpaca, food: Chocolate cupcake.
  • Alpaca, food: Vanilla Cupcake.
  • Squirrel, food: Strawberry Cake.
  • Baby Elephant, food: Peanut.
  • Bark Bettle, food: Bread.
  • Bat, food: Juice mango.
  • Black Cat, food: Candy.
  • Blue Slime, food: Blue Jelly.
  • Cormling bud, food: Spring Water.
  • Owl, food: Lollipop.
  • Horse, food: Candied apple.
  • Snail, food: Cabbage Rolls.
  • Camel, food: Date Cookie.
  • Crab, food: Strawberry Cocktail.
  • Collie, food: Bubble Gum.
  • Bunny, food: Carrot.
  • Snow runner, food: White chocolate bar.
  • Crocodile, food: Apple Ring.
  • Crow, food: Licorice Candy.
  • Desert Runner, food: Caramel Chocolate Bar.
  • Duckbill, food: Sugar Candy.
  • Flamingo, food: Raspberry Juice.
  • Lemon beetle, food: Lemon cake.
  • Fly, food: Fruit basket.
  • Fire Beetle, food: Curry.
  • Seagull, food: Salted Caramel.
  • Green Slime, food: Green Jelly.
  • Hornet, food: Popcorn.
  • Leaf Runner, food: Mint Chocolate Bar.
  • Pink slime, food: Pink Jelly.
  • Parrot, food: Ginger Tartlet.
  • Raccoon, food: Chocolate Cake.
  • Midge, food: Melon ice cream.
  • Mole, food: Chocolate Donut.
  • Monkey, food: Banana Split.
  • Bite, food: Pancakes.
  • Mosquito, food: Bloodorange juice.
  • Sheep, food: Cotton candy.
  • Peacock, food: Chocolate cookie.
  • Plain Runner, food: Milk chocolate bar.
  • Pig, food: Pumpkin Mash.
  • Penguin, food: Soft Ice.
  • Chicken, food: Cereal Bar.
  • Scottish Terrier, food: Croissant.
  • Snout Beetle, food: Lolly.
  • Spitter, food: Ice Water.
  • Terrier, food: Waffle.
  • Turtle, food: Cinnamon Roll.
  • Yellow Slime, food: Yellow Jelly.

This culminates the list of pet foods available at Cube World. Now that you know each and every one of the foods, in addition to pets, it is your turn to share this list of pet foods to all your friends so that they are not outdated.

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