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Cube World: How to Tame Animals - tips and tricks

2019-10-01 14:57:46

We have prepared some tips for you in order to know how to tame animals in Cube World.

First of all, knowing how to domesticate animals is not so complex, as long as we understand simple mechanics, such as knowing what is food for a given animal, it is important to domesticate an animal so that it follows our orders, especially if we travel alone, because not all the time We will have the support of another player in Cube World.

How to tame animals in Cube World?

First of all it is necessary to get money to be able to buy in the store of articles that is in the city in the biome of the Commercial District, for this it is important to execute some missions or simply kill some enemies in order to be able to get gold, in The store can see all the food available for a certain price, although it is important to emphasize that most of this food can be obtained when our enemies die in combat in Cube World.

When we already have in our hands the food we simply approach the animal that we want to tame and offer it, after some time we realize that the animal has joined us, we will also see that we have achieved a health bar and mana, this We see it below our bar at the bottom of the screen.

These are the 5 types of pets we can tame in Cube World.

  • Ø Melee pets: are creatures that have the ability to approach the enemy and cause damage at close range.
  • Ø Pets Mounts: these are the animals that we can ride in the game.
  • Ø Pets Tanks: these are creatures that receive a lot of damage from enemies but tend to distribute little.
  • Ø Healing Pets: These pets are responsible for healing our allies during combat.
  • Ø Pets at a distance: they are creatures that are responsible for generating attacks at a distance against enemies.

We hope that our guide has been the most explanatory so you know how to tame animals in Cube World, do it is the easiest.

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