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Cube World: How to Heal - Tips and tricks

2019-10-01 15:35:44

We will have in this guide the best tips and tricks on how to heal in Cube World.

As in all games, to stay alive it is important for this reason you have to know how to heal, due to the damage that is received throughout the fights that we will have, in Cube World it is of great importance, here we will have two options To solve it and it is through potions or food, we will have more details of those options.

How to heal with food in Cube World?

In the game we can find food, these can help us restore health, we can find them in the villages or in places that we will have on the map, these foods can be cooked in campfires, when doing explorations it will help us obtain the ingredients for recipes, there are also foods such as apples that do not need to be cooked, now we will have the following types of food.

With bonfire

  • Ø Muffin Pumpking: made with a pumpkin
  • Ø Mushroom spit: mushroom slice, onion slice
  • Ø Ginseng soup: made with ginseng root

No campfire

  • Ø Pineapple slice: made with a pineapple
  • Ø Snowberry Mash: made of Snowberry Mash

To heal with food, an animation will begin that we should not stop or we will not be able to heal, by pressing the Q button once we start it, at the end we will be cured, if it is not enough we will have to do the same again.

How to heal with life potions in Cube World?

We will need a Heartflower and a bottle of water to create the potions, if we want to heal with this option, in the world we will find the flowers and the bottle can be obtained from our enemies once they die or we simply buy them, here we must have the element that will cure us in the order indicated so that by pressing Q we can use it from the inventory, with the Tab button we can place it in quick selection so that with A and D we choose it.

In conclusion, we hope this explanation will be very useful, based on how to heal in Cube World, in which we highlight two options to achieve it.

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