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Cube World: How To Craft - tips and tricks

2019-10-01 13:27:15

On this occasion we have made a Cube World guide for you to learn how to craft in the game.

Creating in Cube World is really a fundamental factor, because it gives us the option to manufacture certain objects that are vital to keep us alive, this game gives us the opportunity to make different types of creations and those are the ones that we will teach you to develop, so He pays attention to how to craft.

How to craft crafts in Cube World?

In order to know how to craft handicrafts, it is important to have a level of power and a recipe for the manufacture of the object that we want to elaborate, we need recipes and resources, to use this recipe it is important to keep it, we must take into account that it must be available in the class and with the required power, because it is important, that it is at the level of the power of our character, the recipes can be obtained in chests, there is also the possibility that it will fall into a mafia, and finally but not Less important to be in a craft station.

What are the objects that we should know how to craft in Cube World?

In Cube World we have 6 specific objects that are important to know how to craft, so we will leave you a small list with them.

ü Armor: in this juice we have the possibility of being able to create armor of a very high level, for this we will need some high level recipes and that it has certain elements that can be adapted.

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    ü Cooking: the level of food is clearly linked to the power level of the character, while we are eating we can not move, if our level is high, the food we can prepare will be better, since we can cook all kinds of food.

    ü Amulets: the amulets can only be created once you are well advanced in the game, so it is important to get some recipes while we play, because these are really the most complicated objects to elaborate, but once we have the resources we can create more powerful amulets.

    ü Alchemy: this allows us to prepare some health potions, for them we require the flower of the heart that grows in the forest and bottled water, this can be obtained in the city, we only need to go to a source of the vital liquid and pick up a little in a bottle, these health potions can be consumed while we move, and give us the benefit of restoring our health.

    ü Weapons: we must count the elements corresponding to the power level since here we have the opportunity to be able to create very powerful weapons that are very useful in Cube World.

    ü Formulas: the formulas are simply all the elements that we need to be able to create, here we combine all the elements that we use, the kitchen, the amulets, the weapons, the alchemy and the armor, also if we require any health potion we should only be near the water.

    In summary, knowing how to craft is important to be able to easily develop along the Cube World, we hope that our guide will make you the way more as you can and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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