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2021-08-24 10:33:59

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With our CSGO guide, you will learn more about how to stretch the resolution.

What to know about CSGO?

The conventional 16: 9 resolution can be displaced since version 1.6 arrived from the game, because the resolution can be enlarged, thereby achieving advantages for the competition, now to understand how to stretch the resolution it is ideal that we pay attention to the following content.

How to stretch the resolution in CSGO?

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    It is important that you have Nvidia GPUs to be able to do this, because in AMD's it is possible that it cannot be customized for now, so what we will do about How to stretch the resolution in CSGO is to set our resolution so that it is stretched, then for this we will do the following:

    • For the resolution, select the newly created resolution you made in the Nvidia Control Panel.
    • Now, you should have a stretched resolution, but also have a higher video output quality, than the resolutions normally available in the 4: 3 aspect ratio.
    • Go to the desktop to use the right click on the Nvidia control panel.
    • We go to the change of resolution in the menu, and we click on customize.
    • Then in the window that appears, we click on creating custom resolution.
    • Depending on the one we have, we must change it to the equivalent of 4: 3 so we will use that table to determine the values, the next thing is to go to the settings for the size and position of the desktop, we set the Scailing to Fullscreen and we use our normal resolution created.
    • We open the game to enter the video settings to choose 4: 3 as the aspect ratio.

    We can conclude that knowing how to stretch the resolution turns out to be easier than thought with these indications, it only remains to apply them and continue the fun with CSGO.

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