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We have made for you a Crusader Kings 3 guide where we will tell you How to use the titles

What are the titles in Crusader Kings 3?

  These are the most relevant designations that we can get and this simply allows us to have the opportunity to be owners of the territory in our favor, it is only important to be attentive so that no one can choose to steal what is ours, well know How to use the titles is an interesting and important option to create an empire, in addition to the fact that these can prevail over time.
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    How to use the titles in Crusader Kings 3?

     It is important to know is that being owners of the territory it is vital to know the line that we must follow, since there are 5 levels of land and they are the following:


    •  Baronies.
    • Counties.
    • Ducats.
    • Kingdoms.
    • Empires.


     Titles usually allow us to gain dominion for our kingdom and in the same way territory, as this varies according to our title since each level has the ability to control certain things, as each claim has the power to control some elements, as it is necessary go to war and win to climb and thus get other titles, because it is possible to have vassals to ensure that the lands remain ours in Crusader Kings 3, only that it is important to take a look at who we grant that power, pus is not Nothing feasible to give it to someone who is interested in matching our title and may end up being independent, here is the need to know How to use titles.

     In Crusader Kings 3 titles are usually delivered through succession laws, but avoiding consolidating a lot of power in a family since this can be a double-edged sword, in such a way that the heirs can receive a certain degree of power nothing else, especially because it is necessary be aware that these can risk our territory when we give a duchy to the heirs and they may choose to marry other dynasties that simply may no longer consider us to be their lord, which puts us seriously to think about How to use the titles Assuming that this is what makes us owners of the territory and everything that is within it, it is possible to run into some adversaries who it is possible to control with some low titles and assign them some territories to ensure that they do not insist on bothering us in our way to be them of higher level.

     It is important to consider that it is necessary to monitor marriages, as this allows us to ensure that the succession is directly in our dynasty, thereby implying that knowing how to use the titles is simply an activity to which it is possible to be attentive in Crusader Kings 3, for this it is necessary be vigilant of our laws since there are two options to be able to stay with the titles, one is that we can only grant them to distant relatives and the other is that the relatives are women, since they will take over the house and remain under the domain of the father as long as they fail to marry other dynasties.

    To grant the titles it is important:


    •  Locate the character's portrait and right-click on it or click on the banner of our kingdom at the bottom right of the HUD.
    • You can select any title that is available.
    • It is necessary to consider that it is possible to grant more than one title to a single person, you just have to be attentive to the building icon that is visible next to certain titles in Crusader Kings 3.
    • The icon indicates that said title has one of our possessions and this simply implies maximizing them to get the tax increase.
    • Having low influence possessions allows us to obtain better benefits.


     Knowing how to use the titles simply allows us to reflect our capital, for this it is necessary to be attentive since there will be those who are interested in usurping our title, this implies that it is not possible to grant a title of duchy or kingdom to a vassal that may be located in our capital, since this allows an easy De Jure claim which can simply make us be stripped of Crusader Kings 3, so before giving away it is necessary to study it carefully if we want to continue in power and control the territory.

     This is all you need to know about How to use titles, it is simply important to understand that there are several levels and we cannot randomly deliver in Crusader Kings 3 because it could be catastrophic for us, give it a try and make an excellent selection.

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