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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-05-21 16:12:41

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In this Crucible article, we come up with everything you need to know about the Tracker Founder Pack vs. Predator Founder Pack.

What are the Crucible Founder Tracker Pack and Predator Founder Pack.

Despite being a free game, the developers have a card up their sleeve and it is about these two packages which can buy and support the game in a monetary way, only ten in mind that these are not refundable.

It can be said that both packs are made up of the same elements, only in different quantities and that the Predator pack gives you the opportunity to get two special skins of legendary characters, not just one. But anyway we prepare a Tracker Founder Pack vs. Predator Founder's Pack so you know them better.

Tracker Founder's Pack vs Predator Founder's Pack. crucible.

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  • Predator Founder's Pack: You'll get an epic skin exclusive to Captain Mendoza, 1,000 Credits equal to about $ 10, a key to choose from a collection of Legendary Character Skins, The Preseason Battle Pass comprised of 80 levels of rewards and challenges as well like 200 stars with which you can unlock about 20 reward levels automatically.

  • Tracker Founder's Pack: This pack allows you to obtain an exclusive skin for Captain Mendoza, 500 in-game credits equivalent to $ 5, the preseason battle pass made up of 80 levels of rewards and challenges and 100 battle stars that will unlock 10 levels of rewards.

Upon reaching the pass level 80 reward, you can receive a Battle Pass key, allowing you to choose one of several legendary character skins, this key being the only way to gain skins of this type.

This is how we finish this Founder Tracker Pack vs. Predator Founder's Pack. From Crucible, we hope that everything we mentioned has been useful and very instructive to know what to expect from both packages and why to opt when buying one.

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