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We welcome you to our Cris Tales guide, where we will talk about how long it takes to finish it.

What to know about Cris Tales?

  We are before an adventure that takes many hours of fun, it is an indie RPG focused on the players that enlarge the role-playing games based on the old school, added to that considering the different classics, the combat is presented in turns, adding Some of the current mechanics, but its essence remains in the common style, there are interesting situations and characters, so it is appropriate to know how long it takes to finish it and in the details of this guide will be the answers, let's see.

How long does it take to finish it at Cris Tales?

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    It is estimated to be at least 20 hours, but it is possible that we are talking specifically about being playing for the estimated 30 hours in Cris Tales, considering the need to increase the level to the group for the challenges to face, we can get closer to how long it takes to finish it From 40 to 50 hours, there are many secondary missions to complete, if we want to go deeper into the story and seek to reach the different endings, achieve the trophies, we will go through many tasks, we must obtain the keychains, make 500 perfect hits and much more than it would mark our absolute mastery of the game, those of us who started the game can be difficult to adapt to, especially if we just embarked on the RPG genre, while many of us have experiences it can be something that is easily handled, you have to have Taking into account the non-existence of the autosave, we must do it manually very frequently, something that also corresponds to the old school.

    It is clear that knowing how long it takes to finish allows us to have more fun in Cris Tales.

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