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Today's guide to Counter Side lets us explain how to Reroll on Android.

What is the purpose of Reroll in Counter Side?

This is simply a very interesting method that this game offers us and that serves to get a desired character, but it does not stop there, because there is the possibility of getting some new login rewards, although it is true, this method It can become a bit difficult, it is feasible to carry it out with some help and for that we are here.

How to Reroll on Android in Counter Side?

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There are some players who have chosen to uninstall and reinstall again, but in the event that the phone is not rooted, this action will not make any sense, this is because the game usually saves our account data and will synchronize them again. as soon as the game is installed, in this sense it is necessary to take care of installing an emulator and fortunately there are several that are usually favorable:

  • Bluestacks
  • QooApp
  • Counter Side SEA
Now, these emulators offer us the possibility of using them safely to create more than one account and in this way get the character with any of them.

On the contrary, in the case of having a rooted phone, it is necessary to omit any installation of a file and from there:
  • Choose to open the "File Manager" on your phone.
  • We proceed to select the "Android" option.
  • Next it is necessary to go to "Data".
  • Then we must open "com.counteerside> shared_prefs"
  • Next we are shown “com.counterside” and we proceed to eliminate it.
There is the opportunity to reroll to achieve the desired character in this game and for this the possibility of creating different accounts is open.

Now that you know How to Reroll in Android you can put it into practice to get that desired character with which you want to play in Counter Side.

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