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Cooking Simulator: Tips and Tricks for Run Your Kitchen Smoothly

2019-06-11 22:27:02

Cooking Simulator: tips and tricks to manage your kitchen without problems

For you Cooking Simulator fan we have prepared tips and tricks on how to handle your kitchen Smoothly. More details here.

Do you want to learn to be the best cook in Cooking Simulator? Well, you've arrived at the right place, follow all our tips and tricks to manage your kitchen without any problems and take full control of the game.

Manage your kitchen Smoothly in Cooking Simulator

Are you new playing Cooking Simulator? Do not worry, get skills with our tips so you can increase your speed of culinary learning.

Cutting patterns used for "vertical" cuts and for "horizontal" cuts.

Cooking Simulator - Tips and tricks to make life easier

Get to know your recipe catalog in Cooking Simulator

It is recommended that you know the ingredients for your recipes beforehand, since this way you avoid having to go to your laptop to see what you need. You must have agility when taking accounts, because this will help you quickly add the amount of an ingredient you need for those recipes that you do not master well. At the beginning you will find a little complicated, but with the passage of time you will adapt to the recipes and remember for example that to make a tomato soup you only need 8 tomatoes and 1 onion.

Prepare a series of articles at once in Cooking Simulator

You can grab a chopping board and take several pieces of an item at a time. To do this, use the multiple grip option.

Make the elements of your interest go where you want on the cutting board

While the elements fly through the air, direct your gaze quickly to the right and left and place them on the sides of the chopping board. This makes it easier for you to locate the elements, making it possible to move them in a practical way.

Choose seasonings wisely in Cooking Simulator

Take the baked trout dish as an example, so that you have an idea of ​​its preparation. Choose 3 trout and select your pepper and season the three, then the thyme, then the dill and so on. Have them ready to put them in the oven quickly. We recommend having some pre-seasoned meat pieces to speed up the time.

Cut potatoes and lemons correctly in Cooking Simulator

When it comes to chopping the potatoes take into account their strange shape that usually makes things difficult when chopping them into pieces. To prepare baked potatoes, slice your potatoes with a pattern keeping in mind that the potato becomes smaller at the top. Six pieces usually work better and give me the most stars.

As for the lemons, unlocking the ability to keep the food immobile will make the lemon quarters work better.
It consists of a simple cross pattern. One cut and one | cut. To prepare baked cod, thick slices of lemon work best if you do not hold the lemon and then cut the resulting halves in half.

When you put the cod on the plate, what you have to do is pass the fish, take 4 slices of lemon and 3 pieces of parsley. This will help you save time.

Try to store your things in plastic containers on the shelf of spices near the fresh herbs and take advantage of the option of multiple collection in order to grab everything you cut again at once.

Fill pots with water and broth in Cooking Simulator

You can use the context view of the sink while you grab a pot and fill it with 1000 ml for boiled potatoes and 1300 ml for duck broth.

Avoid bothering yourself by playing Cooking Simulator

Use cutting boards to season. If you get it wrong, when you are holding the container or the messy food just click once on the trash can.

Keep your spices close and organized in Cooking Simulator

It is recommended to keep spices of similar colors together so you do not have to move that far. Unlock the benefit of the long arms, this will make things easier for you, because you can quickly reach the spices.

Make large portions in Cooking Simulator

Cut half a loaf and make a batch of gazpacho, or use double all and a loaf of bread to prepare a large container of things.

Stay busy in Cooking Simulator

Do not skip the preparation and cleaning times. It is recommended to think about the ways in which you can prepare yourself for the next day, take advantage of the fact that the food is not spoiled, to prepare anything and reheat it the next day in the microwave or stove.

How to reheat food in Cooking Simulator?

When reheating the food you should know that you can not use plates / bowls, because their material, they tend to break the microwave generating a big disaster. Although unlike a real microwave, you can place metal dishes in it and not suffer the consequences. Use a small pot to reheat soups for an estimated time of 30 seconds to one minute.

Using this method of reheating will be very helpful, because with it you will save a lot of time, freeing yourself to do more urgent tasks, such as cooking other pending recipes. The other option you have is to use the stove in case the microwave is in use.

Do not forget to collect the seasonings once and use them in multiple dishes before moving on to the next. Avoid using salt on a plate when you have another that needs salt in a row.

This would basically be all the tips and tricks to manage your Cooking Simulator Smoothly. We hope it has been very useful for you. Enjoy the game.

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