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Cooking Simulator: How to make Stuffed Zucchini Recipe

2019-07-05 21:02:21

in this explanation of Cooking Simulator we focus on a quick and simple way to make a stuffed zucchini recipe in this game, where we will clarify tips, to prepare them.

Ingredients to prepare the stuffed zucchini recipe

 1.2 kg of zucchini, 200 g of mushrooms, 4 slices of meat chuck (25 g), 2 slices of goat cheese (10 g), 1 egg, 240 g of tomato, 120 g of onion, 2 slices of bread (40 g), olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Preparation of stuffed zucchini recipe

We all want to make a super stuffed zucchini recipe, well then let's pay attention to the preparation in Cooking Simulator.
To start we take the zucchini and put them to boil in a large pot with about a liter of water and about 20 grams of salt for a period of approximately 120 seconds.
Then cut the onion into squares and place it in a pan with 50 ml of water and 5 grams of salt, we should let it cook for about 30 seconds only, once passed the time we add tomatoes, olive oil , only 10 ml, and slices of meat, all this should be cooked for about 210 seconds.

Next you will place the tomatoes and the slices of meat on a plate, then cut the mushrooms into small slices of about 10 grams and place them in the pan with the sauce and onion, this you should only let it cook for about 100 seconds.
Once cooked put the mushrooms on the plate where the meat and tomatoes are, then look for a small pot and pour into it the sauce of the pan to it add the goat cheese, slices of bread and egg, eye without the peel, stir everything and then introduce it in the blender, you will add 5 grams of salt and 5 grams of black pepper, you bates it to the pot and you will place it to cook for about 35 seconds.

To finish you will grab the zucchini and you will cut it into two halves, serve it on a large plate because next you will add tomato slices of any size, you will place the slices of meat and mushrooms, as the decoration also It is very important to add parsley leaves, to maintain a great presence, put the sauce of the pot in a bowl, serve the dish, so you have finished making the stuffed zucchini recipe.
So we have reached the end of the simple explanations of stuffed zucchini recipe simulator cooking recipes, I aspire and I hope it is helpful, on the other hand we are open to suggestions, just write us.

I hope it was fun to make the stuffed zucchini recipe in cooking simulator.

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