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2020-08-31 11:48:17

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The expansions are simply interesting and necessary in Control they are useful so it is important to know how to start AWE DLC.

Exactly what is AWE DLC in Control?

  This is nothing more than the second expansion that this game has, the best of all is that it is available for all platforms, so there will be no differences unlike the previous one that sadly was not released for Xbox, which simply today This day it will allow us to participate in a series of interesting activities, which allows us to have much more actions and adventure.
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    How to start AWE DLC in Control?

     One of the interesting options we find is that you don't necessarily have to have completed the main story or the first expansion, so this simply implies an excellent opportunity to play. Now, there is a necessary requirement and it is to have completed the Face of the Enemy mission, and this is because the expansion is directly connected to the sector elevator that is located at the Central Point of Control Executive at the end of the corridor, Well, actually getting it is not complicated and this is because it has an arrow that points to the necessary direction.

     Knowing how to start AWE DLC simply allows us to start with a mission called A Dark Place, this simply allows us to have the opportunity to start the DLC starting from the elevator where we will have the opportunity to hear a voice that may be somewhat familiar to us. straight to the research sector, where we finally start the expansion that brings with it some number of interesting changes among which we can observe a time trial.

     In this sense, knowing how to start AWE DLC simply allows us to delve into the history of Control even without having completed the game's history, a matter that is truly great, so there are no excuses not to enjoy it

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