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Control: How to play - beginner guide

2019-08-27 20:36:23

 Today we bring you this little beginner guide  where you will learn to master control, only then can you have access to many skills that will help you throughout the game.

 In the way you move in Control, you will be able to acquire a number of skills that will be very useful to you in the span of your journey. It is very important to know that these skills are very powerful and you can use them in their movement, defensive or offensive abilities. That is why we have prepared this beginner guide  where we will teach you all the skills you should know.

 What is the importance of Control skills

 They are indispensable to be able to unlock skills in the course of your game, and not only that but you can also open skill points with which you are allowed to complete the missions including side missions. These points will improve your skills so that you cause great damage, more durability, among other benefits that will be granted to you.

 What are the control skills?

 In this beginner's guide, you will learn about Control skills below:

  •  -     Lift by levitation.

  • -       To protect.

  • -       Evade.

  • -       To take advantage of.

  • -       Confused fight.

  • -        Launching.

 So that you can understand its usefulness and when to use them in Control, we will give you a brief summary of each of them.

 Lifting by levitation: this is a very important skill, because it allows you to stay in the air for a certain time, being suspended you can do different things. We recommend unlocking so you can enter some areas where you will find collectibles.

 Protect: with this ability you can use some objects or garbage to make a protective bar in front of you, this allows you to protect yourself from damage by avoiding leaving the place, do it so that you can move freely when you load it.

 Evade: with this ability you can evade fire, objects and even to get close when you need to cross one of the areas quickly. The important thing is that you learn to master it in its best way.

 Take advantage: it is a skill that allows you to control your opponents with low HP levels with your mind, causing them to fight for you. The most important thing is that after your own enemies fight for you they will die automatically.

 Confusing fight: It is a skill that you will have available by default, you should not unlock it, this causes a lot of damage to your enemies.

To finish with this beginner guide  we have the ability to launch: It allows you to have the necessary strength to lift any object you find and throw it on your enemies, as well as destroy walls and floors to use the debris in your defense.

We hope that with this beginner guide  you have clarified all your doubts of Control, and you can take advantage of them during the crossing of your game.

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