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We have prepared an article for you in order to explain how to get the Prime Candidate Program in Control.

Control itself is simply an action game, where it has an important point and is an old labyrinthine house, which contains quite a few rare corridors and some areas that are hidden, it really feels like an environment of being lost by the places of the home and with possible adversaries who hope to find you.

Throughout the history of the game, players require a Prime Candidate Program, in order to address the mission in the face of the enemy, through this program you can learn a little about the past of the protagonist Jesse Faden, in control.

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    A fundamental issue to develop is the face of the adversary's mission, this occurs when you meet with Pope in the boardroom, once you have visited cell P6, when this happens immediately another mission called The Face of the Enemy is generated Pope will be in charge of talking with Jesse about the younger brother, Dylan Faden, and he will simply tell him to talk directly with him, and that he is in the Central Executive area in an office that is protected With guards Once, you arrive and talk with Dylan, and the players, they will have with them other information about the control office, as well as a card of the sixth level, as well as other indications that are vital to be able to get the Prime Candidate Program in the game.

    Among the relevant aspects we get with the scope of the Prime Candidate Program, this is simply a fundamental point since players can climb a part of the stairs where we get a series of doors with signs that point in the direction of security and panoptic , therefore, you need to enter through those doors, when you arrive at the security area, you must follow an indication that points to the medical wing, and continue to reach a space of the stairs that lead to a shelter, then turn right, This address takes you to a dark corridor, when you are there you must cross the lower room, go to the other end of the room as it leads to a space that is full of adversaries.

    How to get the Prime Candidate Program in Control?

    Once the players have managed to knock down the opponents, we get a door that is closed on the sixth level, there we will visualize that there is a writing that indicates the Prime Candidate Program, you have to take a few turns before this door can be opened, there in this area is the Prime Candidate Program, there you will have a fairly considerable battle, very strong, below there is a level where a shelter is located and it is the place where players can recover after the fight.

    It should be noted that when the room is already free, a space should be sought where a couple of doors are reflected with enough light and they show a P6 and P7 label, while the P6 room contains a projector that serves to reproduce a video exactly about prime and Dylan Faden candidate program, meanwhile, upon entering the P7 room, the mission will be completed and thus we get the Prime Candidate Program.

    Then, the players receive the indications so that they can access and reach the ordinary AWE space, once you have left the room P7 through a door that is closed, the players need to get a hallway with directions in the direction of the corridor, where The turntable is also located, we continue in this direction and there we find several fights that we cannot ignore and we need to win, in order to reach the control point, since from there the players will be able to save and continue with The Face of the Enemy mission. In control.

    Finally, it is important to highlight that it is not so complex to obtain the Prime Candidate Program in Control, it is only a matter of some agility and combat skills.

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