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Let's get to the matter quickly, because in this guide we will tell you how to find the maintenance sector in Control.

What is the third Control mission?

In your third mission of the game you will surely want to pull your hair and it really is not a simple mission to complete. Your task will be to go to the maintenance sector, however, this site does not appear anywhere on the map which greatly complicates the search. Luckily we have already set ourselves on the mission and we have everything resolved for you.
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    How to find the maintenance sector in Control.

    As we mentioned to find this site there is no clue about it, no matter how minimal it may not be, simply because there is none. And the mission is designed for that, so you have to find it for yourself without help. Unfortunately this is enormously complicated, so we have prepared everything you need to know here.

    Upon receiving this mission you will be at the center of the "Central Executive" portion of the Executive Sector. So the first thing you have to do is look for the elevator in the Executive Sector that is right in front of the boardroom.

    Enter the elevator and select the option "Access corridor to the maintenance sector" and that's it. It is so simple that nobody would have thought it.

    We hope that with this guide finding the maintenance sector will be much easier for you. We recommend you share this guide so that many others can continue moving forward in the same way in Control.

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